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i heard a story a few years back about a fiery preacher , who was told  by the powers that be ,to ” stay away from politics or we will sling mud on you “…to which he replied ” my mama told me when i was a little boy that if people sling mud on you, never try to shake it off , that will create a mess,let it dry up, it will fall off by itself !”LOL

i have learned a lot from this phrase. when people call you names and spread rumors about you or your loved ones, its futile to try and defend yourself. Madea says its NOT WHAT PEOPLE CALL YOU BUT WHAT YOU ANSWER TO…

so they say stuff about your race, tongue , tribe , RELIGIOUS beliefs , POLITICAL affiliations…..u cant fight back  and WIN…in fact don’t bother … chances are they are already set in their ways and will not open up to reason.

I remember the rage i felt when Jesus Christ was depicted as having has an affair with one of his disciples, or a secret affair with with a female follower that led to the birth of a baby !!! oga ! and this secret was hidden for 2000 years ? between you and I , HOW MANY SECRETS HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO HIDE IN YOUR LIFETIME ??? HEHE! nothing is hidden under the sun…BUT  ….

YOU  KNOW WHO U R AND IN WHOM U HAVE BELIEVED ….everyone is entitled to their opinions and their views should NOT change or affect you …….MAY THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS OF THE TERRORIST ATTACK IN PARIS FIND PEACE..


Right from childhood , i have found the story of Esau difficult to comprehend . Here is a hard working hairy twin of a “wayoric” brother .  Despite the fact that they are twins Culture only recognized the first child as heir . Esau knew this , he wasn’t drugged or drunk. He had his senses intact . I will like to assume that he had breakfast before going to “work “.. he returned home hungry …asked his twin for food …who demanded for his birthright …to which he replied “of what use will it be if i die ?” he sold his birthright for a plate of pottage . Kinda what the bank will do abi ? you borrow some money , hand over collateral which is ALWAYS way more than your request and once you cannot pay within the stipulated time frame , you might loose your collateral.

Anyway so he eats his meal and walks away to mind his business. Abeg who dies from a day’s hunger ? Esau’s hunger was obviously overrated… the bible refers to him as a “fornicator ” …yes for ” a moments pleasure “…buy now pay later …

Elections begin February 2015 …all and any party will entice the electorate with material things, clothing , money , electronics, houses, jobs …what is interesting about these offers is that like Esau’s porridge , its of no ETERNAL CONSEQUENCE . in other words they are PERISHABLES. And because of what you will eat today and shit tomorrow dont vote against your conscience … its not about you , your vote is also for the seed in your loins … Esau sort for amends with tears the bible says , he didn’t find ..” e ma gbe ounje ale yin je fun ologbo “…do not give ur dinner to the cat ….vote wisely !


Homo sapien….the creature , according to biology , with the most sophisticated ( and complicated ?) personality … compared to other “animals” they are set apart , even science agrees on this. I think the Nigerian is set apart too , when compared to other Humans ..LOL!

the desire for competition and to “show off ” is so deep seated in our persona , sometimes i wonder whether we are just “genetically composed ” to be materialistic or whether this is the generational effect of colonial oppression ……hmmm…

By the time December takes its place on the calenders ..the market becomes busy ..people begin to shop…buy at most times beyond their means , why do we insist on buying new clothes on our birthday ? i guess its because it ia our special day and that seperates us from our friends and relatives . So why do we have to buy clothes on some else’s birthday ?( Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birthday , abi ?) . Why do we have to borrow money to do this ? For most people it’s because their ” neighbors” have bought its kinda like ” keeping up with the Joneses” but at what expense. we buy gifts for children that we cant afford , buy now pay later , more like buy now and never stop paying .

Today is boxing day , reality sets in …a number of us will be entering the New year in debt but “believe” God to do some miracle ??? when we satisfy a pressing desire at the expense of our future , we become like the biblical Esau who sold his birthright for a plate of food. We must learn to live within our means and be “CONTENT” for “WE BROUGHT NOTHING TO THE WORLD AND IT IS CERTAIN WE WILL TAKE NOTHING OUT “. IMG_1298

Eyes on the House-help

The video has basically gone viral, lots of people have viewed it , been enraged by it , expressed unprintable opinions of it …. you cant help but wonder if this is human or demon?? I shudder to think of incidences not captured by the cameras…poor child. which brings up the question ” who is a house-help?”, what age is required for this “profession”, what is the difference between a house-help and nanny?

A house-help , at least as the name implies is someone who ASSISTS in the household chores in a house. This I believe is a common occurrence when both parents have “9-5” jobs and therefore , it becomes difficult to do the daily chores as required at home . here in Nigeria work does not start at 9 …its 7-8 in most places and depending on the area of residence there are people who leave the house at 4:00a.m. in other to get to work on time and dont get back home till 10:00p.m. due to traffic . Cleaning up, laundry etc will be an impossible task for women who find themselves in this situation . so people are employed to assist in doing these things .

I am personally appalled though, that any literate will employ a person of school age to do this without an access to Education.  This happens everywhere in Nigeria….while their own children go to school…hmmm… I do not think a child is psychologically mature enough to ASSIST in a duty meant for the home maker … i therefore suggest that a house help should be at least an adult (an adult being as described in the Constitution )

A Nanny is someone whose job requirements involves taking care of children . A minor should not be a Nanny …(for obvious reasons ).

I think life is about making choices …every moment ..and the choices we make also has responsibilities strung alongside …we become responsible for the choices made. economics teaches us about opportunity cost . that’s the life we live o.

there is no law that says you must have kids once you marry …DON’T LET SOCIETY RUIN YOUR LIFE ….if you are not ready to have kids …then DONT… you need to count the cost …the “family members” harassing you now will not be there for you when you need someone to “fill up the space” .

You might have to live life for a while on a lower social status while raising your kids , this is where opportunity cost comes to play ..IF YOU HAVE TO PAY SOMEONE TO HELP YOU RAISE YOUR CHILDREN , YOU PROBABLY CAN’T AFFORD TO HAVE KIDS YET AND SHOULDN’T . The opportunity cost of staying at home with your children and selling provision outside your home might be the position of bank manager … need to make your choice and carry the tagged responsibility…when we started having children,I bought chairs, tables and canopies and started a rental outfit  and i had family living with us, some in school some working …but i had promised myself that except i am out of town, my face must be the first my children see when they come back from school…by the way, i have a Bachelors in Pharmacy . i did that until my sons were 5 …at that age i can hear EVERYTHING…and believe me,they tell …LOL!!!

Please take time to  discuss with your spouse before you start a family . and if you already have a family and some teenage “village boy or girl” as your “househelp/nanny” do the needful ooooo…obedience is better than sacrifice!


 My mind has been changed about donkeys ever since i watched Shrek …… they are CUTE …. in an interesting kinda way !! can u just indulge me while we take a ride to one of my fav bible stories and imagine that shreks Donkey is the donkey  in this story?LOL!

Everytime i read the story of JC’s triumphant entry into JERUSALEM , my mind travels to la la land …. and i wonder …. just wonder what must have gone thru donkey’s mind and how it relates to us as we walk in our purpose on this side of eternity .

JC told his aides to go to a nearby village and fetch a donkey that has been TIED DOWN ! … nothing new about that ..donkeys are meant to be bound .. infact another name for them is BEAST OF BURDEN … they carry other peoples’ load and always carry overload !

JC said the donkey had not been used by any man and should be let loose and brought to Him , so u see , the ass was bound and the only reason he was to be loosed is for service , the master’s service ….

sounds a lot like us , bound until the master called us becos as the Book says , we did not choose , He chose us .. HOW EASY TO FORGET THAT ! one weakness that man has … he quickly forgets where he is coming from , so ur salary was 10,000 naira last year and now 50 grand but u are angry that ur company wont pay more despite all the work u do ? So its rainy season and you keep sighing ” i wish this rain will just stop”…then dry season and the sighing continues …”i wish we can just one rainy day …

how easily “stuck up”we get looking down our pinocchio  noses at “sinners”forgetting that we are saved by Grace not by what we do LEST WE SHOULD BOAST as Paul puts it, right ? Nuffin’ irritates me like “self righteous bigots”…

anywayssssss…. moving right along

His homies dress down the donkey ! yea put on some drop dead gorgeous adornment on the donkey ….. would it not be daft for donkey to think all that baff was just so he can look purrrfect ? sounds a lot like us innit?i have the gift of miracles, so u can begin to bow down and worship …when u see all the miracles …. the reason DONKEY WAS BEAUTIFIED IS SO THE MASTER CAN SIT ON HIM …DUH!….so off they go to the streets of Jerusalem amidst the cheering , the laying down of the “red carpet” and the hailing of the “king of kings”… after some time i bet donkey will not remember the master sitting on him cos he wont feel his weight , he will be too taken away by the glory of all the praise and begin to think that he is the one the people are hailing as the king of kings …………maybe , just maybe this is the reason

the bodyguard of a movie star actually begins to think that he is the star ….. the king’s aide consciously or unconsciously behaves as if  he is the king …….,the bunch that follow “his excellency “nko ? excellently foolish i must say !…… the wife of a president thinks…..LOL! the pastor,archbishop , reverend dr gentleman nko ? ok ok that is not the reason for this offence intended o ,  !one statement that i use as my check point whenever i feel i am getting overwhelmed with glory that dont belong to me is this :  THE ASS ON THE RED CARPET WHO FORGETS WHO IS RIDING ON IT QUICKLY BECOMES AN ASS- ****! (feel free to fill in the blank ) …… WOULD BE FUNNY IF IT WASNT SO PATHETIC !

Yo ma Nigga

Photo on 14-05-2016 at 10.10 #3Yo Nigga, sup ? WE TIRE ! Ur music is ’bout Bling,Babe,Bitch,Bum,Banging and Bullshit ….why don’t you reach for the Bookshelf …yea you will find words , lots of them ….don’t be scared….this will help you Build up your vocabulary … it will also help you get your message across …yo, that’s what it’s about innit? a play of words , as they rhyme followed by the rhythm to the beats that “fit in “…just like nursery rhymes, the way you put ’em…ERM…u remember NURSERY rhymes don’t ya? as ur build up gets bigger , then you come to understand that  thing you do ? its called rapping and definitely not “spittin”…oh sure there is quite a lot of that in the process…but we both know that is not the original intent …yo..peace bro, i’m outta here ….


Several years ago , my niece(of american accent) was having a conversation with my nephew( of british accent …)she asks in the typical american way “what are you doing?”( whayouduwin?) my nephew goes “ahn?” she decides to take it slowly ….wha – r – you- duwin? his reply ? “e-in”which should mean “eating” ,my niece goes “what?”and he decides to say it slowly “eeee -in”!LOL!! everytime i remember that incidence , i have a good laugh cos …THEY WERE BOTH SPEAKING THE SAME LANGUAGE BUT DID NOT UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER …
first of , if any nigerian does not understand that we could be at the brink of major crisis , he is either ignorant, not a nigerian or plain dead !( no offence intended)
so much tension in 9ja right now , insecurity being a major issue, one of the duties of any sane government is to provide at least some security for her people… where is SECURITY ? At this moment we are not exactly sure if the map of the country called Nigeria is as is…we live in fear of robbery and other vices. Students live in fear of graduating and joining the “society of the unemployed “! NO SECURITY!
unless u only fly inter state, our roads most likely “lead to hell”!what with major potholes, police “check points”, robbers “checkpoints”, reckless tankers ….. what of NEPA ( or should i say YEPA!) , on my way to work i see children in their school uniforms … and containers …. looking for water to take home before heading to school …BASIC AMENETIES SCARCITY ?
so what do our elected do ? the way out for them is mega genarators to counter NEPA, the god mother of boreholes to counter water scarcity ….. ONLY IN THEIR DWELL…. and the grandfada of bullet proof SUV’s to counter the road issue….what can we call this but the elects’ CHOPICITY?
do i need to say anything else about chairman’s ABILITY?
my dear friend said to me “why are people fighting this physically , when it should be on their knees?” i asked her “have you been praying for 9ja before now?”yes she replied . then i asked “IS UR GOD DEAF OR HARD OF HEARING ?”her reply ?not printable!LOL!
no offence , but Elijah asked the baal prophets same question when they could not get answers to their prayers, didn’t he ???LOL
the patriach had told his children that their descendants will be in bondage for 400 years , according to history , they were for 430 years … a GENERATION more……..selah!,meaning think hard about it !
if we look through history ( even as written in the holy book ) every time God came to man’s rescue, there was the God-part and man-part of the deal ….. whether it was at the red sea, the walls of jericho, jehoshaphat’s army,the miracle at cannan-galilee,rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, the shunamite woman ,the widow of the prophet who left debt behind as inheritance ,paul and silas…. i cud go on !
look! i agree that we cant TAKE THE LAW INTO OUR OWN HANDS ….( wont that be like cutting ur nose off to spite ur face ?) but there are things that can be done within the CONFINES OF THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION ( if u claim to pray for the nation , and dont have a copy of the constitution , u never start o ..AND DAT IS THE TRUTH!!!) I SUPPORT SUCH !

men and brethren , we are all speaking the same language although we dont seem to understand each other ….. I BELIEVE IN “LET GOD ARISE AND HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED “, I ALSO BELIEVE IN “ARISE ( NOT GOD, YOU!) AND SHINE ( NOT GOD, YOU!) FOR UR LIGHT IS COME !
In the words of JC “the Spirit will GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH !”
like my dear niece, i ask albeit slowly , concerning this Country called  Nigeria…..WHA – R – YOU -DUWIN?

The Tale of Two donkeys ..

The book of Numbers tells the story of a king called Balak , the leader of the Moabites ( situated in the present day Jordan ) .the dawning of a new day brought for this king a sight for sore eyes . the israelites had camped in their tents facing Moab ….. he could smell three Ds ….. death , defeat and disgrace… The guy had heard about the story of Israel , the ten plagues, the parting of the red sea , and even closer home , the defeat of the amorites ( situated south of present day iraq ) . like any sensible leader , he was bothered about the security of his people and estate , this was when the guy heard about a prophet called Balaam . ” his words do not fall to the ground ” he was told , so he was persuaded to send for him so as to come and put a curse on the children of Israel .very smart move indeed , becos it was obvious that people did not have military training , weapons of war and all the likes and yet they seemed to defeat kingdoms as they advanced ….
Balak sent a couple of guys and ” gifts ” , to Balaam , persuading him to come and curse the baggers ! interesting story indeed … Balaam asks they should spend the night while he asks God whether to go or not …. DON’T GO is what God told him so he sent them on their way ,the next day ,saying that he cant do anything except the ” Lord permits me ” …pious indeed !

so what does the king do ? increase the EGUNJE  ( after all, “everyone has a price “) and then upgrade the calibre of messengers ! haba ! the guy go bow …… when he saw the PEPPER , the prophet must have thought ,let me talk to God again , “shebi i will pay tithe” ? A preacher, sometime back made a statement that got my attention , MONEY IS GOD’S LITMUS TEST FOR CHARACTER ……. how profoundly true!

I know of a very rich man who always maintained that no one can convince him that a poor dude is a “good guy “, he says when he is given “good money” , then you will know his true character…anywayssss he asks and this time hears what he wants to hear ….GO! amazing how we think we can deceive God when we so foolishly end up deceiving ourselves … and its not uncommon or peculiar , we have ALL done it at one point or the other in life , usually ending up so foolish… Balaam sets off the following day and God sends an angel to stop him …. my guy no see jack …. the “benjamins” had blinded him .. three times the angel of the lord appeared , three times his donkey saw ’em and tried to avoid running into him , three times the ” prophet hit the donkey ….. then the donkey spoke ….. ” why do u hit me ? have i ever disobeyed u ? is it not becos of the angel that I SEE before me ?”

imagine that ! The Prophet did not see the angel that the donkey saw , because he had “seen” the pepper and lost his “sight”….WOW! Who be “donkey” now abeg ? Then because he could not see and hit the donkey , it spoke ….ah! at the beginning of this trip, there was a prophet , a donkey and a mission motivated by greed . At this point , when the donkey spoke , there were 2 “donkeys”  and a mission motivated by greed !

Did Balak send Balaam a gift or a bribe? … the dictionary definition of a gift is ” something of value that is given without expectation. A bribe on the other hand is ” something of value that is given with the hope of future influence.

A bribe made Balam the prophet “hear” what he wanted to hear God say ,made him spiritually blind , and basically  placed at the same “level” as his donkey,it cost him much more than he bargained for always does. Don’t be a donkey …don’t take that bribe !

Our God is in Control

No one can fully understand and indeed feel the pain of loss of a loved one like the person who is bereaved …. Indescribable..who and indeed what can comfort one at such a time as this? The good Book talks about a Comfort that can only come from the Spirit of all comforts.truly no one can bring comfort at such a time……This is why i find it appalling when people visit the bereaved and think quoting scriptural and philosophical  verses will actually bring succour , i mean, SERIOUSLY????

i have come to love steve curtis chapman’s album , BEAUTY WILL RISE , the best work he has ever done in my own opinion , and which was born out of the shocking demise of his youngest child …… i love the lyrics and as i write this i have the family and hearts that were touched by the life and ministry of Dr & Mrs Myles Munroe, on my mind …….

Until Eternity…..sweet sweet eternity!

Named by Shame….

There is this Biblical story that i find very striking …. I even like the way it begins…at the time when Kings go out to battle , David sent his men and Israel’s army while he stayed at home…ahhh i know sometimes we try to convince ourselves that Sin just happened …but SIN DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN…it always sets the stage before the play …truth be told sometimes we dont see it coming , abi ke? been there , done that and bought the Tshirt (and na XL) hehe… anywaysss Dave now looks out the window…and what does he see? UKWU!! Bishop Jakes puts it this way ” king David was having a pornographic moment “…so u see, the TRUTH is and we can lie about it all we want …we all have such moments but what we do with it becomes our responsibility. Jehovah told Cain that if he didnt do gud, if he STAYED in that “moment” sin was at the door waiting to get him…THIS IS THE REALITY IN LIFE …SIN WAITS FOR US…WE HAVE TO MASTER IT OR IT WILL MASTER US…( hiss, Satan and his alter ego, Sin ….conniving bastards i tell you !) ok, so he sees her, he likes what he sees and sends for her . Now there are Bible Scholars who insist that Bathsheba was going thru required purification after her menstrual period, the safest time to have sexual intercourse as we are told . However, I am aware of a number of ladies who will vehemently disagree about safety at such times, with testimonies abounding to that effect , LOL.
i remember a story i heard about a Yoruba king ( Kabiyesi)once. a young beautiful lady was sent by her dad to deliver a letter to him at the palace. he gave her his scepter to hold while “he read the letter” and immediately she collected it (not knowing better or maybe just playing along ???) he said “Kabiyesi” to her and she became one of his queens! Shocking but in “those days ” the king was to be obeyed .  He can  have whatsoever he wants (in fact Kabiyesi means “dont dare question him”).

BUT….every young girl’s dream is to marry a prince who later becomes king …i remember Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Beauty and the ***** (i bind that beast , hehe)….in class i was always day-dreaming about my prince, Knight , riding on a white horse to come pick me up as we ride into the sunset …” and lived happily ever after, The End.”….laugh all u want , we all did ,ojare ..LOL!!
So, that brings me back to the story, what if Bathsheba , the wife of Uriah was nursing some attractions towards King David???? successful , rich , intelligent, greatly feared in the world, lover of God,( tho married)…ah ah ..what else can a lady want ???? abeg who won’t want a man like that ??
so its like “just this once nobody will see us” …Remember those words ? it comes to us from time to time …THAT IS SIN AT THE DOOR , KNOCKING ..and so it happens and they obviously enjoyed it …stolen waters…very sweet…BUT what nobody ought to know was about to leak…yea..THE SHIT WAS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN … Bathsheba got pregnant  and sends word to the King. So Dave devised yet another plan , bring Uriah home so the child can be said to be his…Certain Schools of thought say he was trying to avoid a situation where his Army will develop factions caused by the incidence. Somehow, i find that rather difficult to accept . This guy was king , THE KING of Israel …he could have taken Uriah’s wife and nothing will happen …BUT ..He was a lover of God…What will people think? he wanted to hide it … keep the “honour ” of his name .he was WILLING TO SACRIFICE HIS SEED FOR HIS “HONOUR”…so it was better this way… when that didnt work he decided to kill Uriah but with no traces to him..SECRET SIN IS LIKE SILENT FART THAT STINKS TO THE HIGH HEAVENS …YOU CANT HIDE IT ONCE IT LEAKS…..IN HIS BID TO COVER HIS SIN WITH ANOTHER SIN ..HE FORGOT ABOUT “THE LIGHT”..IN WHOSE PRESENCE EVERY HIDDEN WORK OF DARKNESS IS EXPOSED ….so he takes Bathsheba in as wife … she gives birth, the son is ill, David prayed and fasted but the child died …Bathsheba was in great sorrow….wagging spiky tongues of village gossips….now that the child died sef …the SELF-RIGHTEOUS BIGOTS WILL BEGIN TO QUOTE SCRIPTURE…its interesting to note that despite the fact that she gave birth to solomon the great king of Israel , whenever she was referred to in the Bible she was called the “Wife of Uriah “…

You might be like Bathsheba today, your past is still used to define you , but God aint thru with you yet , he can and will still produce greatness from you,if u will allow Him. You need to forgive yourself and keep walking … people will talk , and let them, always remember WE ALL HAVE SOMEFIN WE DONT WANT ANYBODY ELSE TO KNOW…So,yess…her name is Bathsheba , Uriah’s wife , the mother of Solomon , from the Lineage of Jesus the Christ …. like her , hate her , she will always be remembered for her link to GREATNESS !