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When I am filling a personal data form and I get to “age “, I have no qualms , I quickly write 21 ( u know how e be na ) then they ask for sex : forget this new age craze . I know who I am .. and if I doubt , a quick check between my legs reminds me sharply 🙄. Then I get to religion : 😡that word makes me cringe ! Religion ? Shiorrr ! The degree of hypocrisy that religion carries borders on the ridiculous a perfect example of the no no of religiousness , is when Jesus was looking to select his disciples , one wud have thot that he will go to the synagogue… 🙋🏽he actually did , but just to read them the “riot act ” .. check out his followers Mathew the tax collector , riddled with bribery and corruption , Judas the betrayer ( it had been all about the money for him from the get go , and he was still made treasurer, ah 😨 ) , he “called ” Peter and his brethren while fishing ( not fresh from bible school 😜) , zachheus the “none entity ” hosted him . Even the so called religious people of the day complained that he ate with “sinners” .
What of the adulterous Samaritan woman by the well ? 4 husbands and one “camper ” , yet the master saw the worshipper in her ! The Ho with the alabaster box nko ? The master cud relate with them because ” he doesn’t judge by outward appearances, but the heart ❤️ ” , this is what the Pharisees and sadducees didn’t have , he didn’t even pick one , one fa ! 🙄. MW these crooked peepu that he picked all changed and impacted their world 🌎 ! Beeni ! And in the end na diz religious peepu hand him over to the roman government , to be killed based on ” the tenets of our religion ” , they argued !
Nigeria is one of the most religious nations on earth … need I say more ?? 😏mhennnnn I just hate religious spirits , they must be Satan’s first cousins 😃 ! religion must be man’ s idea , man’s way of putting God in a box , obviously the brewing world war will be underpinned by this element called “religion” .. one can’t doubt the existence of God , the very essence of life is evident ! I believe however that a relationship will bring out values that will exude the characteristics of the “God kingdom “; righteousness, peace and joy .. now imagine a society filled with these forces .. heaven can begin on earth ❤️my 2 cents ..👀my one 💵 , achshually 😅



Eid Mubarak , people ! We celebrate the resilience of the father of Faith , willing to give his priceless possession to the one who gave it to him in the first place .👍🏾. As you prepare ur palates to blend sumptuous pieces of roasted 🐑… or better still , when u begin digging ur dentures for shreds hidden therein with ” imported ” toothpicks 😅.. take time to think 💭 What are YOU willing to give to the Almighty , who BTW , gave you everything you have ? One correct way to give to him is to give to those in need .. peep 👀 outta ya window …😅.. thank YOU .. for giving .. blessings always

WATER- e no get enemy .

Photo on 14-05-2016 at 10.10 #3I am so close to being half a century old that I am no longer ashamed to say what I am … yep ayam “coming out of the closet” . I am not ashamed to say that AYAM OLDSKOOL 👍🏾 beeni ! When it comes to music 🎶.. I am old school ! When it comes to discipline , I am overwhelmingly old skool ..( there is no child of mine that doesn’t know kasali my three piece koboko .. faithful friend ❤) . I love science , I love adventure , I love the creating of new things .. I remember visiting the Bhurj Khalifa at dubai .. what levels ? Man mi my heart leaped in bounds sha in the lift … I respect gravity o .. we have had our issues when I was a small girl and I still have the scars to show … I don’t like to defy gravity .. what for ? To each his own na .. gravity is there , me I am here … issokay … beeni , ayam old skool like that 😎..👀 I have been thinking of lagos rains and floods … no be only naija claim land from sea abeg ! Nations have been doing it for tey tey … and it’s all gud .. until you see what the island of lagos looks like in the past few days … my mind goes back to genesis 1 .. God commanded the oceans to move back and make room for land … I remember a song by Nicole ” who told the oceans , ” you can only come this far “.. water my people say will always find it’s Levu… so there appears to be boundaries that we do not see … tor if the land cross the boundary nko ? What appun ? Abi before you buy house at lekki and its environs you have to learn to be a professional diver ni .. me ayam old skool for this matter o .. fela say “water no get enemy ”  pls that does not mean that ” hin get friend ” .. echiche kacha mma o .


I just remembered an incidence that happened at home in my teen years . My mum who was a wholesaler of Coca-Cola drinks , gave an ” uncle ” who was also her driver instructions ” take 20 crates of coca-cola to mama ” lagbaja’s house ” and bring 20 empty crates back O ” so uncle went to Iya lagbaja’s house to pack the empty crates . He came back and off loaded them then began to load 20 crates of filled Coca Cola bottles . My mum slowly and unbelievably asked ” what are you doing ?” His reply ” I went to Iya lagbaja’s house to get empty crates and now I want to take full crates back to her ” 😱 my mum began to vibrate … She was obviously going to have a fit 😀. ” ode ! She screamed !Why didn’t you just carry the crates with you and then bring back the empty ?” The man’s response was epic 👌🏾 and till date we refer to him with this phrase ” he said to my mum with his thick yoruba accent ” the shame tin noni ” ( meaning ,taking drinks from my mum’s store first or after didn’t make any difference ) 😂😂 I Tim 5:24 remember the sins of some people are obvious , leading them to certain judgement . But there are others whose sins are not revealed until later . In the same way the good deeds of some are obvious . And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light .. My Peepu in my thick yoruba accent ” the shame tin noni “😂😂gnite world .. May we rise with the dawn 🙏


My addiction to Coca Cola is almost as old as I am .. My mother was a distributor and I was an expert at .. Errmmmm well , let’s just say padding 😀. Till date she does not know the number of missing bottles whose content found their way to my gut 😀. As a teenager I Thot that I am the Gee … Smart Alec .. I was downing an average of 7 bottles a day …BTW, Carbonated drinks according to science kinda deplete calcium from the bones 🤔.. So 4 decades down the line .. Parts of my frame are trying to ” serve retirement notices “😱.. At what age nitori Olohun ? Isn’t that life tho ? U sow terrible seed , in ur relationship with others , your diet , lifestyle , work , spiritual life etc and think u have escaped cos ” nobody knows ” .. Cos there are no immediate consequences …Then harvest comes ( and it must come )😱.. Abi if u sow won’t u reap ? The good book says as long as the earth exists , seed time and harvest time will not cease … Even if nobody sees , The law of sowing and reaping is as old and potent as the law of gravity …. ” karma” is a bitch o 😏.. Okay not much u can do about the seeds u have sown in the past … But now that u know … Be careful what u sow .. P.S. There is nothing like secret sin .. Satan always makes sure about that … Do not sow what u don’t wanna reap … ( as I reach over for NSAID and calcium tablets 🙃


For the life of me I don’t understand why all dis noise about “don’t do MMM , SSS , Bitcoin .. XYZ orisirisi Ponzi schemes ..😏😠 why the noise now ? 🤔I remember way back when , I was with an aunt and her son . Me must have been 21 ( just as I am now 😀) then . There was no light and the candle at the corner was all the light in the room . Bobo kept going towards the candle and me , I kept chasing him away . I was really getting irritated buh what was I supposed to do ? Watch him roast his fingers? 😩. So my aunt said ” leave him ” 😱 leave him ke ? Tor no be me get pikin so I left him , tho I knew what wud happen next ; what I found shocking is that my Aunty knew too 😳. Bobo let out a terrifying scream .. Not only had the flame touched his fingers , the candle wax had done automatic gumbodi on him … Oh he cried , my aunt got up and put cold ogi etc etc 🙄. I was angry .. Why is she so mean ???this is just a child ! She told me I am teaching him a lesson that he won’t forget . I still vex sha .Buh guess what ? The next day there was no light ,my aunt lit the candle and Bobo stayed away .. Very far sef … Never again … Bobo learned a lesson that no one could have taught him . So pls Kontinu , don’t mind anybody ojare .. Carry go 👊🏾👍🏾😄.



😱😱May Jehovah deliver us from the jagbajantis coming out of the music industry these days ! I was jejely minding my business in the mall , when this dude walks up to me selling his CD … Told me a bit about his hustles ….I thot lemme epp him , took one and gave him some money .he was very grateful and scurried off … 😱 if I see him again I wee download koboko on his head 😠😩 hustle ke ? Muzzle leleyi …😩😏soooo I pick up my pen and put words together :
2017 ah be slayin’
Mah henemiezz , yeeee dey be crying ‘
Baba , I pray dey be Savin ‘
Or nigbeyin won ma be fryin ‘
Emi ti mo
Mi o wa aiye Iya
Ba’ami ota ole so mi di suya ………( with my “eyin Omo wobe “voice )

Add beats to that with the help of my Ace bruv Olaitan Blackkie Dada. And I be musician be dat ? 🙄Seriously ???? My friend , learn a trade or go to school …That is easier than WRITING a song …,of course I mean a MEANINGFUL song 😏, which day we dey talk dis sef ?

.….gud to talk …happy new year !


Watching the Fulani man’s cows grazing , u will notice how quickly they nibble on grass … After grazing , they find a place to ” regurgitate ” what they have chopped and ruminate ( Google am ! More informative than Hollywood gossip 😀)That is they eat slowly this time . Rumination and meditation must be first cousins 😀Acts 17:11 Now the Berean Jews were more receptive than those in Thessalonica . They were willing to receive the message and every day they carefully examined the scriptures to see if these things were so . Berea and Thessalonica according to history were places in Greece .. U can’t separate the Greek from education ! They sought knowledge , these bereans , they heard what Paul said , and since he referred to scripture, they went back home to EXAMINE ( ruminate like the Fulani man’s cows )
Sooooo now u go to church , preacher man preaches , u take all he said , put ur yessssamen on it , swallow eferytin ” hook , line , sinker , preacher man and his pulpit “and head home . No questions , no thinking on what u just heard , def no opening of scripture to examine … Mba .. “Papa , mama , Father or GO said it ” finish ! … 🙄Just like the Thessalonians… EDUCATION…aka use ya sensi 😀… 2017 is a good year to leave “Thessalonica ” and camp in ” Berea” … Become a student of the scriptures…In his light , may we see LIGHT ..Hmmm Amin e po 😊

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The amazing thing about a new day , month , year , season , is the opportunity to do it different . Okayy so , you made promises to God and ur conscience , to be closer , more disciplined , “holier” . But 2 days to the end of 2016 , u might have to agree with me that in my strength I achieved very little . It’s funny that I have been trying this method every year since the early 80’s … 🤔wetin dem talk about pessin wey dey do the same tin expecting different results ? 🙃. KOLEWERK … 😀 another year approaches , I will do it different . I will do it the way the WORD says .. Come as you are !! And I add my words ” Bullshit and all ” 🙃 . He is not asking you to please him without him , remember the Holy Spirit ” HELPS ” , why would he send help if we didn’t need help ? SUBMIT urself to the word … So that’s how I will do it . I will work out my salvation with fear and trembling.. FOR IT IS GOD THAT WORKS in you , so that u can be willing and doing what pleases him .Phil 2:12😱😳… … Maybe u have been tryna work it for just a few years , 😏 bro take it from a pro , KOLEWERK …. He has to do the work , ur only work is to submit to him … We are all “work in progress ” … But don’t let ur case be like lagos-ibadan expressway oo 😂, don’t cause traffic on the way to heaven because u won’t gbara duro 😀… May we experience amazing grace and mercy in the new year , so that we don’t become ” abandoned project ” . Amen !