It’s been quite a while now that I have been thinking about David the king of Israel, as written in the good book . Here was a young ruddy shepherd boy , minding his business , not knowing that his life was about to take a turn , from the grazing fields, to the battle ground , to the kings Courts and then to the wilderness . Saul had been rejected king by the Lord ( that implies that he was accepted at a time) 🙂. He instructed Samuel the prophet to go and anoint the next king of Israel from the house of Jesse .1 Sam 16. It was the same God who instructed him on how to do this so that Saul is unaware🙄 🙋🏽don’t just open ya mouth gba , except u r following instructions . SENTIMENTAL ain’t SPIRITUAL ( ko jo rara ) .sam called them to the sacrifice (v5) . And as soon as he saw the first , he was every inch a potential king but not before God .THE LORD LOOKS ON THE HEART.
After 7 sons and no approval from above , sam asked if there was no other son ? Jesse didn’t even bring Dave to the sacrifice . He wasn’t qualified as far as he was concerned, Dave probably felt the same way .when he appeared v 13, the lord said to sam ” arise , anoint him for this is he ”
As soon as David was anointed , situations and circumstances began to announce his presence.
V18 David was not just anointed , he was at first skilled . I do not know which devil sold us the principle of scripture twisting ,money doubling . A number of us are so laid back waiting for a miracle, MW, those that God called were always at work , Gideon, David , even Saul , Deborah , Simon Peter , I could go on .
David confronted the giant philistine Goliath, and defeated him . He became famous , and the king became jealous . He tried to kill him . Threw a javelin at him twice , tricked him to fight against the philistines with the hope of getting him killed 🙄, 1 sam18. He even commanded his servants to kill him , twice , commanding his son Jonathan , to kill him . David fled , had to fake madness at a time . It was an arduous journey to the throne . From the anointed SKILLED ruddy boy to the King . If u browse thru the book of Psalms , u will have to conclude that all he had with him were the words “anointed to be king of Israel ” , so why did he have to go thru the wilderness ? Wasn’t it God that said it ? Abi was prophet Sam faking it ? 🙋🏽There was a time he took solace among the philistines , fleeing from Saul , 1 sam 27 ! Is that logical ? How was he able to sleep well at night in the camp of the enemy ? ( remember it wasn’t only Goliath he killed , there were 200 philistines at king Saul’s command as well , so he was quite famous as their enemy ) yet he stayed with them , David had no choice but to stay with the enemy cause Saul wouldn’t get him! indeed he prepared a table before him in the presence of his enemies . What I am saying is that we don’t have the blueprint, we have little directions , yes the road may be rough , things may be tough , all you may have in this journey called life is what the lord said , he told David I anoint u king and that’s all Dave had . In 2 sam 2 , he was anointed king of the house of Judah ( 1 sam 16 , Samuel anointed him king over Israel O not Judah ) then in 2 sam 5 , David was anointed king over Israel and guess what ? Samuel was not there to see the Fulfilment of this word !
What witness do you have within you about what the lord has said concerning you ? Is it that you will be the mother of many and you are yet to be the mother of one ? See the rigmarole from Jesse’s house to Israel’s throne 😱. Did he get to the throne tho ?
Numbers 23:19 God is not man that he should lie , he is not human , he won’t change his mind . Has he said it , and shall he not do it ? Has it spoken and shall he not bring it to pass?
No matter what u r going through in your journey hold on to the spoken word and trust him , ask him to strengthen you . His word will come to pass
Job 23:10 but he knows the way that I take ( he has concern for it , appreciates , pays attention to it ) when he has tried me , I shall come forth as refined gold ( pure and luminous)
The God of peace will soon put Satan underneath our feet .
Service is ended , go in