sunday morning musing

why can’t we jes appreciate and respect our differences , trust me ur views ain’t perfect 😏 Haba ! okay me na ManU , bobo na Mancity 🙄. Bet many waters can’t quench the lofin.. 🤔 bet if to say na Arsenal sha o 😠..😂 just kidding !
But honestly if u understand the science of academic writing , you will realize that there are other views than yours and philosophies, ideologies are always debatable .
I remember how my supervisor will insist that I rewrite my conclusions , because my mindset is as it was in the debating days ” I am here to prove to you that rice is better than beans : with this few words of mine I hope I have been able to convince you ….😂 she taught me to make statements like “based on this study”… because some other person might use the same parameters and get a different result ! “Be careful how you make your conclusions , Mobolaji” , she will say !
2 Tim 2:23-24 tells us to avoid arguments that will lead to quarrels , “for the servant of the Lord must not be quarrelsome, not RESENTFUL but kind and able to teach ” hmmmm .. (but if we judge ourselves we won’t be judged 😅). You cannot CHANGE anyone ! In fact you are not QUALIFIED to change anyone , u urself u need change , abeg , let’s not lie to ourselves, we ALL do ! So if u know u can’t , why do we stir up arguments and quarrels ? Some people believe one day is more important than others , you , senior deputy of the Holy Spirit , think it’s ur duty to pull them down 🙄
Titus 3:9 encourages us to AVOID these arguments , because they are “useless and a waste of time (NLT) . Okay which of us by arguing have won anyone over ?
Proverbs 20:3 it is in one’s honor to avoid strife but every MUMU is quick to quarrel . Sometimes you should read some FB comments.. foolishness is global , it appears 😅. People are angry , and Facebook enables them reveal their foolishness
James 1:20 but human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires .
🙋🏽I am not ashamed to say that My nature is very familiar with human anger , and it always ends up in foolishness . I also testify that the more I submit myself to the lord’s authority the more I see a better me , I am convinced that it’s because I do not have what it takes to change myself , but the lord , he changes all , didn’t he say ” look I make all things new “? If I cannot change myself , why then do I think that via arguments and quarrels about ideologies and philosophies, I can change another ?
2 cor 10:5 for the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world . On the contrary they have DIVINE power to demolish strongholds . We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God … and take captive evey THOUGHT ( Beni ur own 😜 if u want to demolish arguments start with YOU 😅) to make it obedient to Christ . May the Spirit of the Lord give us understanding 🙏❤️