When I am filling a personal data form and I get to “age “, I have no qualms , I quickly write 21 ( u know how e be na ) then they ask for sex : forget this new age craze . I know who I am .. and if I doubt , a quick check between my legs reminds me sharply ?. Then I get to religion : ?that word makes me cringe ! Religion ? Shiorrr ! The degree of hypocrisy that religion carries borders on the ridiculous a perfect example of the no no of religiousness , is when Jesus was looking to select his disciples , one wud have thot that he will go to the synagogue… ??he actually did , but just to read them the “riot act ” .. check out his followers Mathew the tax collector , riddled with bribery and corruption , Judas the betrayer ( it had been all about the money for him from the get go , and he was still made treasurer, ah ? ) , he “called ” Peter and his brethren while fishing ( not fresh from bible school ?) , zachheus the “none entity ” hosted him . Even the so called religious people of the day complained that he ate with “sinners” .
What of the adulterous Samaritan woman by the well ? 4 husbands and one “camper ” , yet the master saw the worshipper in her ! The Ho with the alabaster box nko ? The master cud relate with them because ” he doesn’t judge by outward appearances, but the heart ❤️ ” , this is what the Pharisees and sadducees didn’t have , he didn’t even pick one , one fa ! ?. MW these crooked peepu that he picked all changed and impacted their world ? ! Beeni ! And in the end na diz religious peepu hand him over to the roman government , to be killed based on ” the tenets of our religion ” , they argued !
Nigeria is one of the most religious nations on earth … need I say more ?? ?mhennnnn I just hate religious spirits , they must be Satan’s first cousins ? ! religion must be man’ s idea , man’s way of putting God in a box , obviously the brewing world war will be underpinned by this element called “religion” .. one can’t doubt the existence of God , the very essence of life is evident ! I believe however that a relationship will bring out values that will exude the characteristics of the “God kingdom “; righteousness, peace and joy .. now imagine a society filled with these forces .. heaven can begin on earth ❤️my 2 cents ..?my one ? , achshually ?