WATER- e no get enemy .

Photo on 14-05-2016 at 10.10 #3I am so close to being half a century old that I am no longer ashamed to say what I am … yep ayam “coming out of the closet” . I am not ashamed to say that AYAM OLDSKOOL ?? beeni ! When it comes to music ?.. I am old school ! When it comes to discipline , I am overwhelmingly old skool ..( there is no child of mine that doesn’t know kasali my three piece koboko .. faithful friend ) . I love science , I love adventure , I love the creating of new things .. I remember visiting the Bhurj Khalifa at dubai .. what levels ? Man mi my heart leaped in bounds sha in the lift … I respect gravity o .. we have had our issues when I was a small girl and I still have the scars to show … I don’t like to defy gravity .. what for ? To each his own na .. gravity is there , me I am here … issokay … beeni , ayam old skool like that ?..?..so I have been thinking of lagos rains and floods … no be only naija claim land from sea abeg ! Nations have been doing it for tey tey … and it’s all gud .. until you see what the island of lagos looks like in the past few days … my mind goes back to genesis 1 .. God commanded the oceans to move back and make room for land … I remember a song by Nicole ” who told the oceans , ” you can only come this far “.. water my people say will always find it’s Levu… so there appears to be boundaries that we do not see … tor if the land cross the boundary nko ? What appun ? Abi before you buy house at lekki and its environs you have to learn to be a professional diver ni .. me ayam old skool for this matter o .. fela say “water no get enemy ”  pls that does not mean that ” hin get friend ” .. echiche kacha mma o .