NNEKA! beautiful ! that should be the meaning of her name ! sophisticated yet simple, elegant yet humble …. no better words to describe Nneka. she is a computer engineer …. should see the way she handles those machines … with the ” gentility”a man touches his bride ….
I met Nneka in a full gospel church , she is married to this handsome hunk of masculinity i will call nu-nu for obvious reasons( remember teletubbies’ naughty nu-nu ?) nu-nu is a successful business magnate , influential man in the society …. u know the kinda dude that everybody loves. can anyone “have it all?”Nneka seemed to …. beauty,brains,”benjamins”, bobo and butter …. everyone admired them . you should see them at church …. if the Lord needed a brother from another mother … it should be nu-nu … u know what i mean.
what of in public places ? LOVE DON FINISH ! for “we ladies” , nu-nu just walked out of the pages of Mills and Boons ! he opens doors for her , never seats unless she is seated , smiles at her and lovingly touches her …AT THE RIGHT TIME …. and yea i agree , that kind of guy is not born o … he only walks out of the pages of romantic novels !!LOL!
At home however , away from our prying eyes , nu-nu reveals other interesting characteristics of his , on the outside Nneka is “buttered”but at home she is ….. wait for it …. battered ! ( i wonder if there is anyway one can write words in “whispers”)
she had been married for 9 years before she summed up the courage to tell me . WHAT ! i screamed ? broda … nu-nu ?
now i must come clean here . i felt shocked at first , then anger , ermmm ok ok ,then a bit of rage …  i thot of many imprint-able things i would love to do to him …. by the way i asked God to forgive me…. so there !!!!
DID YOU NOT SEE THE” MENE MENE “WHILE COURTING ? ( the writing on the wall is what i mean ) surely he must have shown some signs(check am sista check am !) but then u know what they say LOVE IS BLIND … BUT MARRIAGE WILL HEAL THOSE EYES !LOL!!TALK ABOUT BEAUTY AND THE BEAST !
WHAT WILL MAKE A MAN BEAT UP HIS BABE ? i remember my dad had a friend who used to beat up his wife . one day , they came visiting and my dad said to him “YOU MUST HAVE TWO OTHER HANDS HIDDEN SOMEWHERE ” the guy looked surprised and confused. Then my dad continued “SURELY IT CANT BE THE HANDS YOU USE TO BATTER HER THAT YOU USE TO CARESS HER ALSO!”
Nneka and naughty nu-nu are blessed with 3 lovely children and these children have witnessed the battering at one time or the other , which leads me to my second question :
i finally summed up enough courage to see nu-nu at a session … it was a battle for me … i was looking to refer them to someone else because i felt my better judgement could be tainted…but he insisted he will only talk to me . his excuse …. it’s because i cant control myself when i am annoyed ! BULL SHIT !( ehn ehn before u start sending message to my inbox that i cussed , just think of COW DUNG ( same thing ! hehe).
That is why man is NOT like a  beast … beasts don”t have control … that is allowed …there was news about a  70 something year old man that was mauled by his tiger … that is in place …. not MAN!
CANT CONTROL KE ?yea I cant control my bowels sometimes  but ” It don’t mean ” that I can release fountains no matter how pressed I am !
On a serious note though, the truth about beating up ur spouse is that the first time is the most difficult , after the first it gets easier and easier …… if you are one of those … and you may even have or think u have better reasons for doing it , i suggest u go for counseling , prayers, anger management classes , etc! of course this will be after YOU realize you need to do something about it ….
granted , genes play a role in our temperaments but like they say, temperamental is 90% temper and 10% mental!!!!God made man to be in Control so you should be in Control of your emotions …
“you don’t know how annoying she can be , she makes me get angry “…. THE GREATEST REMEDY 4 ANGER IS DELAY ! the good book says in proverbs 19:11 A WISE MAN RESTRAINS HIS ANGER AND OVERLOOKS INSULTS. THIS IS TO HIS CREDIT !
It will interest you to know that a lot of children who have problems in school and when i say problems , i mean theft , bullying , disobedience etc , usually come from homes where the mother or father is battered …. errr yes ! SOME WOMEN BEAT UP THEIR HUSBANDS ….. THAT ONE NA YARN FOR ANOTHER DAY !