Photo on 14-05-2016 at 10.10 #3Honestly , this life is SHORT …no matter how long we live. the reason is TIME…it never moves at your pace . very unkind jogging partner …hehe..

I vividly remember attending an Aunty’s 40th birthday bash. imagine , i was feeling sorry for her , because i thought to myself that 40 means that death aint too far away…. and see o, i am now way past 40! i mean it was just yesterday when i attended that parry… or wasn’t it ?

Yesterday , I was at boarding house at Capital School, Kaduna, i was only 7 years old.

Yesterday , i was at the Federal Government College, Kaduna , it was just yesterday that we had those parties in the dining hall.

It was yesterday that i got married , wasn’t it yesterday that the Lord God blessed  me with a beautiful daughter and a set of fineeee twin boys ???? wasn’t it ? Where did all the time go ?

Here I am staring at the big five-o in a few , WOW…WHERE DID YESTERDAY GO ???

hmmmmm life indeed  is short , that is the truth …and i am thinking already , what do I need to do before that age which i hope to attain soon, God Willing ( and He willing ooo)??

I will like to take Acting more seriously , I want to write books on experiences in life and from counseling others . And Yes , i hope to see my project, “Iyaniwura” partner with some Organizations, distributing sandals to rural primary school children.

I will also like to visit more places… i have become “home made” , so distant from my Nature …i must travel around more .

Finally , i hope to be on air (radio), nothing fancy just 5 minutes daily of auntyB’s recommended prescriptions….LOL…its Gud to talk & LAUGH.

Life is SHORT , no matter how long it is , and there is just that ONE opportunity at this journey called life …LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH.. LIFE IS GUD !