Photo on 06-02-2016 at 13.58 #2my mind goes way back to the days of the “village headmaster ” episodes. One of my favorite characters is ” Amebo” , she was an expert in her trade ! she could pass off as the ” News reporter ” of the village . she just had her kicks from “poking her nose ” into others’ business. she was ” Nacho” about it …..

If you take your mind way back too, you will remember this ” peculiar personality type” at school,family , office , neighborhood, places of worship … in our days they were known .

Ameboism has evolved through the years and is now multifaceted . an arm of ameboism is stalking … sometimes this is “safe” and often times dangerous. we hear of stalkers who have ended become murderers or have messed up the mind of the stalked so much so that even series of therapy has done no magic of restoration.

The past decade has seen an “explosion ” with regards to technology . the social media is a web of information . people take selfies of everything they do , the food they eat , the clothes they hope to wear the next day , if ” i don get alert ” , even the new car gets a selfie !!!

Doubtless, people do this because the are happy and want to share their happiness with friends , whether this is right or wrong is not the issue of concern here.

HOWEVER … despite the privacy buttons , we sometimes forget that there are a number of sick people who have laptops, phones , computers, ipods , ipads and understand technology …they are officially called E-stalkers …they stalk to retrieve information and there is no telling the damage they can do .

There are also these people who just hate ur guts ! nothing you can do about that either ….green with envy … they check your posts and pictures , basically to find out if you are happy and why !it is for this reason that we do with do ….if not can you imagine how BORING their lives will be without this “job”? hehehe , just kidding !

But seriously you need to click on the Privacy link and review, not everything should be exposed to those who are not ur FB friends ….if u are an E-stalker , reading this, seriously i advice that you see a psychologist first , just to make sure everything is okay …mental illness, like physical illness needs the help of an expert in other to begin the healing process… E-Stalking is a sign of a mental situation , it can be corrected …find help, today !