Evaluation is an intrinsic part of the human mind . Just as we are designed to make choices, we also make assumptions and often times jump to wrong conclusions. This is no fault of ours , but then again it very well is . We jump into conclusions , based on assumptions which are products of information. the issue of concern here is that we are all “partly ” informed on any situation and our judgements are usually skewed .

Have you ever said to yourself that you wont “greet” someone in your office because you greeted him some days back and he didn’t answer ? okay he didn’t answer but what if he didn’t hear you ? what if he was deep in thought ? what if he just received bad news ? when we are judge and jury , we try the case in our minds and sentence the individual(s) in question .

many years ago, i was a member of a particular church . I attended service regularly . one of those days , i noticed these 2 ladies sitting together , wearing “dark shades”. I stared at them in shock¬† and was quite distracted during service. The next time i found myself looking for them , and on sighting those shades again i began to get angry …what is it ? why sunglasses in the building ? ah ah ?which kain swag be this ?

the jury in my mind said these must be pompous ladies, they think they are all that …they are guilty of pride and haughtiness . The judge in my mind sentenced them to “silence¬† and rage ” .

A few months down the line , i got to hear from another source , the real reason for the “dark shades” , one of them was involved in a ghastly motor accident that scared her face , and needed to wear shades to cover it , she was too embarrassed to come to church because of bigots( actually idiots ) like me , who were willing to judge her at an instant . So her friend offered to sit next to her , wearing the same , just so she can come to church !

okay i know what u will say …”how the hell was I supposed to know that ?” . ehnn..that is why u shouldn’t be too quick to judge , because chances are that you do not know the whole story ….besides doesn’t the holy book say “judge not , let God be the judge ?” . That is probably why !

like i said earlier, our ability to make choices is also a characteristic of being human..so from this moment , choose not to be the judge and jury …trust me you don’t know the whole story !