LET THE PARRY BEGIN …AuntyB’s thoughts on the 23rd Psalm

IMG_0244 2Just a thought that came to mind earlier on today …. The Psalmist says ” he prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies “.. In today’s language it will be ( in jenifa’s voice ) ” he throws me a parry and invites my henemiezz”
Soooooo u have been praying for years , that ur enemies , your “troublers ” die by faya ,by thunda,by force “. But they don’t die …(at least not yet ?)… Don’t get it twisted , the ” events manager ” …is ” purring up your parry “… And u are NOT going to mess up his ” Invites”… So, when they arrive , abeg no begin shout say ” whor ra you doing in my parry?” … Shut ur mouth up and sit ur butt down as He anoints you with oil “…. hmmmmm , ” let the parry begin…yurlzzz!