IMG_0641Today’s blog is about what I consider a very serious issue of concern . We are aware , i believe of the sudden economic developments that have taken place in the cosmetic industry .. According to Wikipedia, Foundation is a “SKIN COLORED ” makeup applied to the face to create an even , uniform color to the complexion, to cover flaws and sometimes change the natural skin-tone.

The concept is as old as history itself . The Egyptians were users of foundation and so were the ancient Greek women . The use of Foundation is therefore not new to this generation.

There are experts in basically every field of life . and people earn the name expert because they are learned in that particular field. In other words there are many things that they know that the ordinary individual may not even be aware of .

Makeup Artists are trained , they are experts ( ehnn not all of them sha !) in this field. First of, I do not think it is wise that anyone goes on to select foundation without tapping from the knowledge of these experts .

OK so what brought this on ? I had to be in an Office to sort out some issues concerning certain documents . There was no Light, nothing new …na 9ja we dey…the office was dark and stuffy …but she caught my eye in an instant ….. the foundation tho….hian . SHE DID NOT HAVE A FIRM FOUNDATION.

Abeg, if you work in a Company or and Institution that depends solely on NEPA….do NOT wear foundation to work… was all so sticky and “running”…it reminded me of the walls of my great grandmother’s hut, way back then. Before the day ends your FOUNDATION WILL BE (RE)MOVED…AND IF THE FOUNDATION BE (RE)MOVED…ABEG WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO……Gud to talk!