Evaluation is an intrinsic part of the human mind . Just as we are designed to make choices, we also make assumptions and often times jump to wrong conclusions. This is no fault of ours , but then again it very well is . We jump into conclusions , based on assumptions which are products of information. the issue of concern here is that we are all “partly ” informed on any situation and our judgements are usually skewed .

Have you ever said to yourself that you wont “greet” someone in your office because you greeted him some days back and he didn’t answer ? okay he didn’t answer but what if he didn’t hear you ? what if he was deep in thought ? what if he just received bad news ? when we are judge and jury , we try the case in our minds and sentence the individual(s) in question .

many years ago, i was a member of a particular church . I attended service regularly . one of those days , i noticed these 2 ladies sitting together , wearing “dark shades”. I stared at them in shock¬† and was quite distracted during service. The next time i found myself looking for them , and on sighting those shades again i began to get angry …what is it ? why sunglasses in the building ? ah ah ?which kain swag be this ?

the jury in my mind said these must be pompous ladies, they think they are all that …they are guilty of pride and haughtiness . The judge in my mind sentenced them to “silence¬† and rage ” .

A few months down the line , i got to hear from another source , the real reason for the “dark shades” , one of them was involved in a ghastly motor accident that scared her face , and needed to wear shades to cover it , she was too embarrassed to come to church because of bigots( actually idiots ) like me , who were willing to judge her at an instant . So her friend offered to sit next to her , wearing the same , just so she can come to church !

okay i know what u will say …”how the hell was I supposed to know that ?” . ehnn..that is why u shouldn’t be too quick to judge , because chances are that you do not know the whole story ….besides doesn’t the holy book say “judge not , let God be the judge ?” . That is probably why !

like i said earlier, our ability to make choices is also a characteristic of being human..so from this moment , choose not to be the judge and jury …trust me you don’t know the whole story !


IMG_0641Today’s blog is about what I consider a very serious issue of concern . We are aware , i believe of the sudden economic developments that have taken place in the cosmetic industry .. According to Wikipedia, Foundation is a “SKIN COLORED ” makeup applied to the face to create an even , uniform color to the complexion, to cover flaws and sometimes change the natural skin-tone.

The concept is as old as history itself . The Egyptians were users of foundation and so were the ancient Greek women . The use of Foundation is therefore not new to this generation.

There are experts in basically every field of life . and people earn the name expert because they are learned in that particular field. In other words there are many things that they know that the ordinary individual may not even be aware of .

Makeup Artists are trained , they are experts ( ehnn not all of them sha !) in this field. First of, I do not think it is wise that anyone goes on to select foundation without tapping from the knowledge of these experts .

OK so what brought this on ? I had to be in an Office to sort out some issues concerning certain documents . There was no Light, nothing new …na 9ja we dey…the office was dark and stuffy …but she caught my eye in an instant ….. the foundation tho….hian . SHE DID NOT HAVE A FIRM FOUNDATION.

Abeg, if you work in a Company or and Institution that depends solely on NEPA….do NOT wear foundation to work…Chaii..it was all so sticky and “running”…it reminded me of the walls of my great grandmother’s hut, way back then. Before the day ends your FOUNDATION WILL BE (RE)MOVED…AND IF THE FOUNDATION BE (RE)MOVED…ABEG WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO……Gud to talk!

LET THE PARRY BEGIN …AuntyB’s thoughts on the 23rd Psalm

IMG_0244 2Just a thought that came to mind earlier on today …. The Psalmist says ” he prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies “.. In today’s language it will be ( in jenifa’s voice ) ” he throws me a parry and invites my henemiezz”
Soooooo u have been praying for years , that ur enemies , your “troublers ” die by faya ,by thunda,by force “. But they don’t die …(at least not yet ?)… Don’t get it twisted , the ” events manager ” …is ” purring up your parry “… And u are NOT going to mess up his ” Invites”… So, when they arrive , abeg no begin shout say ” whor ra you doing in my parry?” … Shut ur mouth up and sit ur butt down as He anoints you with oil “…. hmmmmm , ” let the parry begin…yurlzzz!


PROCESSING .. Not a big word but it can change lives and destinies .. It can be long , arduous, painful even terrifying.. U might even have EVERY reason to quit , as u undergo it ..BUT if u can ENDURE ( and u can , really ),u will come out as ” fine gold” , as ” pure diamond ” .. PROCESSING is the difference between Iya Sikira’s pot of delisciousssssss pomo and a Louis Vuitton hand bag .. We must let the Refiner’s Fire work in us.. He makes our lives so beautiful