Time flies there is no doubt about that … amazing how i see pictures of my primary school class mates on social media and think ” wow! that old ?” as i stare at the wrinkles and grey hair …but i forget that  makeup and highlights on my hair do wonders  …hehe.. somewhere in my mind i am still 21 …please dont ask me “qweshun”… I mean not too long ago , i attended an aunty’s 40th birthday party and i remember thinking to myself that ” her time is running out ” , and here i am …wow !

Life is fleeting and i guess it is only natural at this stage in my life , to seek explanations to the meaning of life . Somehow , we seem to have gotten many things wrong .

have you noticed that stress becomes one of your closest pals in life from birth ? the stress of feeding , getting diapers changed , jabs that you don’t understand ,sitting , crawling , oh and the major stress of walking …. going to school , going to secondary and probably boarding school, understanding who you are , the stress of WASCE , then just when you think its over , you are introduced to big brother stress, the university …tutorials, assignments , projects , deadlines …phewwww! You finally graduate and more stress , you start seeking employment ….there is no end to it . A good day in Lagos traffic pretty sums up the life we live .

This is why i cant understand how we want to add stress to an already stressful world. How can you think that you can connive with people at your work place and embezzle hundreds of millions of tax payers money, for instance and it will be well with you ?

so you accumulate millions of dollars in your account , buy houses in the choicest places in the world , buy cars , clothes , shoes and jewellery but on the day of Death’s visit , you depart without taking even a farthing of your earnings whether legally or illegally acquired.

Mother Theresa said riches should be quantified by how much we have stored in our hearts and not our bank accounts .

Alexander the Great was a famous , powerful and rich Greek King of Macedon. His Final wishes about his funeral were that:

1) His physician should bring his Coffin home alone.

2) His gold, silver and precious stones be scattered along the path to his tomb

3)His hands should hang outside the Coffin during the funeral procession .

He said he wanted his people to understand the three lessons in life that he had learned .

1) A physician cannot really cure people’s illnesses, in the face of Death , they are powerless.

2) The people should not imitate him as he spent the better part of his life storing treasure for himself . There is more to life that accumulating wealth , he said

3) we came to this world in empty hands and we will leave also in empty hands .

How true ! so if we leave with nothing , why do we accumulate so much wealth at the expense of all other things ?

2016…A new year , new changes ….Let us think about what matters in life the most …  Blessings always !