Most of us grew up learning about sex from everywhere except our homes, everyone ,except our parents . SEX was a sacred word not to be heard from the mouths of children , any question in that direction might warrant serious slaps and uncountable koboko lashes ! We learned from our peers, books and “blue film” as it was called then. By the time an average teenager clocked 15 way back in those days , he/she was more informed theoretically ,at least , if not practically than the parent(s). Some of those teenagers are still paying , a generation after for the warped ideas of sex that they had imbibed , whether as unhealthy sexual appetite, unfaithfulness, rigidity …the list is endless.

The importance of sex education in the age we live in cannot be overemphasized , what with the “explosion” , for lack of a better word , of Technology . A research done by Owens in 2012 ,on the effect of sexually explicit material as enabled by modern technology concluded that the growth of the internet also meant easy access to sexually illicit material. We cant doubt that the internet has grown in leaps and bounds , so why do we think that its okay to expose our children to technology ( which by the way , is very necessary ), and assume that they wont access this area?

In our days , we had to search for it but now, it “pops up” even when we are not looking .  The world is full of different ideas about what sex is and what it does , you need to talk to your wards about it before someone else does …..HOUSE-HELP,DRIVER, UNCLE , AUNTY, CLASSMATES, TEACHERS…YOU SHOULD BE “NUMERO UNO”!

In my opinion your child’s age should not be ” 2digits” before you have this conversation . Before his or her 10th birthday , you should have initiated a situation where you can “talk about sex “.

May the Almighty protect our children from evil, as we do the needful !