i have had this turning in my mind for a few days now, it is not written to put any one  down, i do understand that in my writings as much as i try , my bias could show up from time to time.

In the short while that i have known me , i have concluded that i am a ” people person ” . I am happiest when i do what i can to make people around me more comfortable. I guess this might be the reason that my mentors are Mother Theresa and MLK. I also realize that we are all so different and see things thru different lenses. For this reason i will like for  you to read it objectively and take whatever part you find useful just so that we can make this “world a better place “.

A few days back , one of my workers buried his child, who had cerebral malaria. Her admission triggered the thoughts that have been churning in my mind for days now.

We definitely live in different times. lets take career choices , for instance ,i wanted to read sociology in education , my mum was vehement , insisted i must read pharmacy, i hated it but had no choice … i studied it …and many years later , i have found myself smack in the middle of my first love, sociology in education.

So i try the same method with my child ( ok ok…I am ashamed of it, but its the truth ) . ..the pikin no gree ooo..i soon found out there was little i could do.  So now we observe, our children aspiring to be footballers, “basketballers”, DJs, Musicians, Actors/Actresses, software designers….all sorts of courses now that u would have gotten ” classical ifoti” to even suggest  in our days …hehehe.

What is interesting about these careers is that you cant choose ’em just for the heck of it , its either you have it in you or you don’t … This is what makes them special….but the money that these careers can churn out tho….wowww…., the fame , the glory that goes with it .

Musicians here in Nigeria,have never had it so good , as in this dispensation… some songs sef ….not that you understand exactly what it is trying to communicate ..e.g.  ” take it..uhm..take it ugh..Alhaji…ehn ehn “???? itumo??? hehehe… but dollars rolled in .. and ” omo baba olowo” eventually ” l’owo ju daddy ooo”, however, you cant blame us , the society doesn’t help, so we watch music videos, that show the dollars, then the next thing is ” mo fe ra Ferrari  bobo, fly to parisi bobo”.. and the babes move in …in droves, and man soon realizes, that ” she still wants Ferrari, Bugatti plus my love o”.  So the music world presents a life style of dollars, babes, Bugatti,bling …ooo and Hennessy too…

Please don’t get me wrong , i agree that if you made the money you should enjoy it , move up in the social strata, buy new house, new cars , clothes , shoes…( BTW i find MTV’s ” my crib” very nauseating , abi na just me??…ah when one man has 40 pairs of shoes..and dozens that he has never worn before….tor…i think stuff can be done differently, but then like i said earlier , that’s just my opinion.

In recent times the musician that has ” stolen my heart ” has to be Akon …we all know about his present project providing electricity, i know of many missionary projects , in Africa, providing water , a bore hole costs may be 1.5 million ?? an industrial one can serve some villages, Bill Gates continues to invest in this African Scourge called malaria, Angelina Jolie has charitable interests in Africa. What about Bono??? That man has been a blessing to millions . There are people , maybe not as famous , who invest in research , yes, cancer and HIV labs , they contribute millions of dollars, euros, pounds towards this.

i will like to think our super stars are investing into the society too, the one that comes to mind is Dbanj and  his education charity called ” Mr Capable foundation “,but assuming that a number are not, this will be a good time to ” shakiti bobo”, and invest in our communities, help the fight  against malaria, provide portable water , invest in education do whatever you can, how ever little it is , to help the unsung … You cant touch the world by spending your hard earned money on just you and your own , but by how many of the unsung you reached with your songs ….AND your proceeds ,after all ” we are the world “.