The book of beginnings , that is what the Good Book calls it , has a wonderful creation story …In the beginning , God made the heaven’s and the earth . It then goes further to give a “line upon line ” detail of what was created , when and how….God said, and there was ….then it was day and night , the next day and God said …and there was ….finally , it tells us about the “Why”….   ” Let us make man in our image , after our likeness and let him have authority over all creation ” ..and He formed man from the dust ….hmmm….he made the land first , made other things and days later, made man.

It is appalling indeed, how often one reads in the papers about land disputes and the number of deaths recorded in the brawl. villages against villages and even brothers of the same parents against each other , over LAND.

when one thinks about it though, the land has been here long before we came into existence and the land will be here long after we expire . So war breaks out between two communities , over land , people are killed and have to be buried , they then add to the volume of the land …the land they were claiming ownership of ! how can we own what owns us ?

I am of the opinion that we do not OWN the land , but rather , OWE it …it’s a debt we must pay someday , sooner or later , we all have to go 6 feet under !

stop the communal clashes, family feuds over land….” all fight no be fight “…..pick your fights wisely