I must have been about 11 years old then. It was on the Assembly ground , Monday morning assembly , where every “living thing ” on the school premises must converge to hear the Principal ” rant and rave “. As usual , he took way more than time allocated and we had to move quickly to get to class and save what we could of the time left for the first lesson.

I was still a junior student , but i was in year 2, you see, which means that there was a group of students who called me “senior “. I did not see it , obviously or i wouldn’t have tripped over it …..but I DID ….and I FELL DOWN….on the assembly ground , in the presence of my seniors and juniors . As a preteenager i just wanted to die , i could not bear the shame of standing up . So i did what any normal person would , I burst into tears ! I was pained . Not by the fall per se, but by the shame that accompanied the fall. Some friends came to help me up , others pretended that they didn’t see me and walked , that just made me feel more pain . And there were those who mocked , you would have thought that “THEY HAD NEVER FALLEN BEFORE “!!!!

Our walk with the Lord can indeed be best described as in John Buchanan’s “pilgrims progress’. it comes with diverse seasons, terrains and circumstances. The truth is that there will always be times in our lives when we “fall “. This happens to all of us , you are not an exception , and yes you will feel ashamed , like you just want to be dead ….the truth is you are NOT …that is why you feel the pain . There will be friends who will try to help you up, stretch out your hands towards them …its ok, you need that extra push to get you back on your feet. and yes you will be shocked by those who will walk away …it does not matter though. its at times like this that you know whose got your back, don’t hold a grudge , no human on earth is worth that stress !! . let them talk , let them gossip and judge , what is important is that YOU FELL DOWN BUT YOU GOT RIGHT UP …..the journey is still long …just keep walking .. May the Grace of the Almighty wrap itself around you like a warm blanket on a cold,dusty and windy night .