Welcome to the Month of March! We cannot thank the Almighty enough , this indeed is a work and a walk of Grace….pure, undiluted and Amazing Grace .

You will need to excuse and allow me to sound “churchy” today, which BTW is Sunday but also because the issue of concern which i will talk about involves the church , i promise however that it will be a good Read , so here we go.

I actually picked up my Bible today to read the historical story of how Jehoshaphat , the King of Judah, after inquiring from Jehovah , went to war with the praise singers , marching in front of the Army….then my eye caught this story and i began to think …and here we are ..LOL!

2 Chronicles 18.. Jehoshaphat had everything going for him, wealth, health , fame…life was good . He had a kinda collabo with the king of Israel, Ahab, the MSG translation of the Bible calls it “marriage alliance’.. what is mine is yours , who i am you are , what I’ll be you’ll be ! Verse 2 says but Ahab had a hidden agenda … chaiii…honestly in my short life , and i am very very young ..hehe, no creature terrifies me like the human being . I am not as terrified of demons , ojuju , mad dogs as i am of “man”..because NO ONE, knows a man except his spirit. I mean, here was Jehoshaphat, plain and simple minded , making a marriage alliance with someone that had a “hidden agenda “!!!! wow! always remember this NOTHING BUILT ON LIES IS BUILT TO LAST ..its always a matter of time.

Ahab wanted to go to war and asked jehosh, who of cause  agreed to go with him , after all there is a drawn contract, covenant .

He only asked for one thing ,LET US INQUIRE FROM THE LORD

The king of Israel gathered 400 prophets together, do you know that until today i assumed they were prophets of Baal? after all its the same Ahab abi? but it dawned on me if they were not prophets of Jehovah, the Bible would have said so, someone says ” but these are obviously false prophets ” , yessss, the bible also calls Balaam, the prophet of Jehovah, a false prophet …..tor!

anyway, the prophs ALL agreed ” go and kill ’em sayeth the Lord , Victoria ascertia !”…hmmm

Jehoshaphat wasn’t comfy , so he asked ” is there another prophet of Jehovah (so it means the 400 were prophets of Jehovah )? lets go for a second opinion .

verse 10 says ” All the prophets were staging a PROPHECY-PERFORMANCE for their BENEFIT.

the messenger from the king told Micah , All the others have agreed so say same thing  .. Let me be honest here, stories have been flying around that cash has been transferred to Men of God concerning the month of March , there is no evidence that I am aware of , but if it is true..NO BE TODAY OOOO… it happened with Balaam, it happened with these prophets . the Good book according to the Bible is God’s word to us for instruction, information IN OTHER WORDS , This scripture that we have just read  is not a disney story…it happened , it is happening ,it will still happen ….to be continued.