When I think about what goes on in the mind of the man who sits in the waiting room ,for the cry of the baby he is yet to see and the news that his wife is alive and well , I cant but conclude that we have a lot of ” brave hearts ” out there. Is it the battle with terrible thoughts of “what if ” ..the constant staring at the Clock whose second hand seems immobile ? what i think makes waiting horrifying is that you are not absolutely sure what the outcome will be.

This age which i will refer to as the “instant ” age, has experienced innovations in leaps and bounds , we now have instant coffee, instant noodles, instant access to information , microwave cooking ..Dare we forget the good old days of letter writing , when we will write letters to our parents and wait for 2 weeks before we get the that can be done in an instant ! ping dad and even if he is in a meeting …u will get an “hey kid wassup ?”…instant is good , technology ,great , BUT this has affected immensely our ability to wait.

The good book tells us about people who had to wait ….for the promise that the Almighty made to them . Abraham had been promised that he will be the father of many nations ,the promise was made to Abraham when he was 75, the promise did not actualize till he was 100? What about David ? He was anointed king and had to wait well over 10 years to sit on the throne ;after several attempts on His life , we wont even talk about the time he had to live with Goliath’s people in order to be in safety ( no wonder he said he prepares a table in the presence of my enemies..LOL!!)…if i were Dave, honestly at that point in time , the Almighty had berra be talking ooo..hehe.

What about the dreamer ? he had a dream, he had yet another dream…but there was no dream about Joseph being betrayed by his brothers, Potiphar’s wife wrongly accusing him , what about all those years he spent in prison , for what he didn’t do ? MW when Pharaoh declared that all must bow to Joseph after he was made governor , Potiphar was still in office , so he had to bow too…the question is why didn’t Joseph take his revenge then ? could it be BECAUSE OF WHAT HE LEARNED IN THE WAITING ROOM. David wrote most of his psalms…that have laid foundation forĀ  majority of praise / worship songs today , in the waiting room. The waiting room can be what it should be, the shaping room , where character is shaped , while you wait .


There is this Calabar girl I know..i call her DJ El-Soupin…when she cooks soup…wow…. But she can spend hours on end cooking the soup, and sometimes i find the wait quite frustrating …HOWEVER,when it is ready and I am sitting right in front of a bowl of her soup, finger-licking, i know without doubt that it was worth the wait ….

“Wait for the Lord ; be of good courage , and He will strengthen your heart ; wait I say on the Lord 27:13