i heard a story a few years back about a fiery preacher , who was told  by the powers that be ,to ” stay away from politics or we will sling mud on you “…to which he replied ” my mama told me when i was a little boy that if people sling mud on you, never try to shake it off , that will create a mess,let it dry up, it will fall off by itself !”LOL

i have learned a lot from this phrase. when people call you names and spread rumors about you or your loved ones, its futile to try and defend yourself. Madea says its NOT WHAT PEOPLE CALL YOU BUT WHAT YOU ANSWER TO…

so they say stuff about your race, tongue , tribe , RELIGIOUS beliefs , POLITICAL affiliations…..u cant fight back  and WIN…in fact don’t bother … chances are they are already set in their ways and will not open up to reason.

I remember the rage i felt when Jesus Christ was depicted as having has an affair with one of his disciples, or a secret affair with with a female follower that led to the birth of a baby !!! oga ! and this secret was hidden for 2000 years ? between you and I , HOW MANY SECRETS HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO HIDE IN YOUR LIFETIME ??? HEHE! nothing is hidden under the sun…BUT  ….

YOU  KNOW WHO U R AND IN WHOM U HAVE BELIEVED ….everyone is entitled to their opinions and their views should NOT change or affect you …….MAY THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS OF THE TERRORIST ATTACK IN PARIS FIND PEACE..