Right from childhood , i have found the story of Esau difficult to comprehend . Here is a hard working hairy twin of a “wayoric” brother .  Despite the fact that they are twins Culture only recognized the first child as heir . Esau knew this , he wasn’t drugged or drunk. He had his senses intact . I will like to assume that he had breakfast before going to “work “.. he returned home hungry …asked his twin for food …who demanded for his birthright …to which he replied “of what use will it be if i die ?” he sold his birthright for a plate of pottage . Kinda what the bank will do abi ? you borrow some money , hand over collateral which is ALWAYS way more than your request and once you cannot pay within the stipulated time frame , you might loose your collateral.

Anyway so he eats his meal and walks away to mind his business. Abeg who dies from a day’s hunger ? Esau’s hunger was obviously overrated… the bible refers to him as a “fornicator ” …yes for ” a moments pleasure “…buy now pay later …

Elections begin February 2015 …all and any party will entice the electorate with material things, clothing , money , electronics, houses, jobs …what is interesting about these offers is that like Esau’s porridge , its of no ETERNAL CONSEQUENCE . in other words they are PERISHABLES. And because of what you will eat today and shit tomorrow dont vote against your conscience … its not about you , your vote is also for the seed in your loins … Esau sort for amends with tears the bible says , he didn’t find ..” e ma gbe ounje ale yin je fun ologbo “…do not give ur dinner to the cat ….vote wisely !


Homo sapien….the creature , according to biology , with the most sophisticated ( and complicated ?) personality … compared to other “animals” they are set apart , even science agrees on this. I think the Nigerian is set apart too , when compared to other Humans ..LOL!

the desire for competition and to “show off ” is so deep seated in our persona , sometimes i wonder whether we are just “genetically composed ” to be materialistic or whether this is the generational effect of colonial oppression ……hmmm…

By the time December takes its place on the calenders ..the market becomes busy ..people begin to shop…buy at most times beyond their means , why do we insist on buying new clothes on our birthday ? i guess its because it ia our special day and that seperates us from our friends and relatives . So why do we have to buy clothes on some else’s birthday ?( Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birthday , abi ?) . Why do we have to borrow money to do this ? For most people it’s because their ” neighbors” have bought its kinda like ” keeping up with the Joneses” but at what expense. we buy gifts for children that we cant afford , buy now pay later , more like buy now and never stop paying .

Today is boxing day , reality sets in …a number of us will be entering the New year in debt but “believe” God to do some miracle ??? when we satisfy a pressing desire at the expense of our future , we become like the biblical Esau who sold his birthright for a plate of food. We must learn to live within our means and be “CONTENT” for “WE BROUGHT NOTHING TO THE WORLD AND IT IS CERTAIN WE WILL TAKE NOTHING OUT “. IMG_1298