My mind has been changed about donkeys ever since i watched Shrek …… they are CUTE …. in an interesting kinda way !! can u just indulge me while we take a ride to one of my fav bible stories and imagine that shreks Donkey is the donkey  in this story?LOL!

Everytime i read the story of JC’s triumphant entry into JERUSALEM , my mind travels to la la land …. and i wonder …. just wonder what must have gone thru donkey’s mind and how it relates to us as we walk in our purpose on this side of eternity .

JC told his aides to go to a nearby village and fetch a donkey that has been TIED DOWN ! … nothing new about that ..donkeys are meant to be bound .. infact another name for them is BEAST OF BURDEN … they carry other peoples’ load and always carry overload !

JC said the donkey had not been used by any man and should be let loose and brought to Him , so u see , the ass was bound and the only reason he was to be loosed is for service , the master’s service ….

sounds a lot like us , bound until the master called us becos as the Book says , we did not choose , He chose us .. HOW EASY TO FORGET THAT ! one weakness that man has … he quickly forgets where he is coming from , so ur salary was 10,000 naira last year and now 50 grand but u are angry that ur company wont pay more despite all the work u do ? So its rainy season and you keep sighing ” i wish this rain will just stop”…then dry season and the sighing continues …”i wish we can just one rainy day …

how easily “stuck up”we get looking down our pinocchio  noses at “sinners”forgetting that we are saved by Grace not by what we do LEST WE SHOULD BOAST as Paul puts it, right ? Nuffin’ irritates me like “self righteous bigots”…

anywayssssss…. moving right along

His homies dress down the donkey ! yea put on some drop dead gorgeous adornment on the donkey ….. would it not be daft for donkey to think all that baff was just so he can look purrrfect ? sounds a lot like us innit?i have the gift of miracles, so u can begin to bow down and worship …when u see all the miracles …. the reason DONKEY WAS BEAUTIFIED IS SO THE MASTER CAN SIT ON HIM …DUH!….so off they go to the streets of Jerusalem amidst the cheering , the laying down of the “red carpet” and the hailing of the “king of kings”… after some time i bet donkey will not remember the master sitting on him cos he wont feel his weight , he will be too taken away by the glory of all the praise and begin to think that he is the one the people are hailing as the king of kings …………maybe , just maybe this is the reason

the bodyguard of a movie star actually begins to think that he is the star ….. the king’s aide consciously or unconsciously behaves as if  he is the king …….,the bunch that follow “his excellency “nko ? excellently foolish i must say !…… the wife of a president thinks…..LOL! the pastor,archbishop , reverend dr gentleman nko ? ok ok that is not the reason for this offence intended o ,  !one statement that i use as my check point whenever i feel i am getting overwhelmed with glory that dont belong to me is this :  THE ASS ON THE RED CARPET WHO FORGETS WHO IS RIDING ON IT QUICKLY BECOMES AN ASS- ****! (feel free to fill in the blank ) …… WOULD BE FUNNY IF IT WASNT SO PATHETIC !