Named by Shame….

There is this Biblical story that i find very striking …. I even like the way it begins…at the time when Kings go out to battle , David sent his men and Israel’s army while he stayed at home…ahhh i know sometimes we try to convince ourselves that Sin just happened …but SIN DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN…it always sets the stage before the play …truth be told sometimes we dont see it coming , abi ke? been there , done that and bought the Tshirt (and na XL) hehe… anywaysss Dave now looks out the window…and what does he see? UKWU!! Bishop Jakes puts it this way ” king David was having a pornographic moment “…so u see, the TRUTH is and we can lie about it all we want …we all have such moments but what we do with it becomes our responsibility. Jehovah told Cain that if he didnt do gud, if he STAYED in that “moment” sin was at the door waiting to get him…THIS IS THE REALITY IN LIFE …SIN WAITS FOR US…WE HAVE TO MASTER IT OR IT WILL MASTER US…( hiss, Satan and his alter ego, Sin ….conniving bastards i tell you !) ok, so he sees her, he likes what he sees and sends for her . Now there are Bible Scholars who insist that Bathsheba was going thru required purification after her menstrual period, the safest time to have sexual intercourse as we are told . However, I am aware of a number of ladies who will vehemently disagree about safety at such times, with testimonies abounding to that effect , LOL.
i remember a story i heard about a Yoruba king ( Kabiyesi)once. a young beautiful lady was sent by her dad to deliver a letter to him at the palace. he gave her his scepter to hold while “he read the letter” and immediately she collected it (not knowing better or maybe just playing along ???) he said “Kabiyesi” to her and she became one of his queens! Shocking but in “those days ” the king was to be obeyed .  He can  have whatsoever he wants (in fact Kabiyesi means “dont dare question him”).

BUT….every young girl’s dream is to marry a prince who later becomes king …i remember Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Beauty and the ***** (i bind that beast , hehe)….in class i was always day-dreaming about my prince, Knight , riding on a white horse to come pick me up as we ride into the sunset …” and lived happily ever after, The End.”….laugh all u want , we all did ,ojare ..LOL!!
So, that brings me back to the story, what if Bathsheba , the wife of Uriah was nursing some attractions towards King David???? successful , rich , intelligent, greatly feared in the world, lover of God,( tho married)…ah ah ..what else can a lady want ???? abeg who won’t want a man like that ??
so its like “just this once nobody will see us” …Remember those words ? it comes to us from time to time …THAT IS SIN AT THE DOOR , KNOCKING ..and so it happens and they obviously enjoyed it …stolen waters…very sweet…BUT what nobody ought to know was about to leak…yea..THE SHIT WAS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN … Bathsheba got pregnant  and sends word to the King. So Dave devised yet another plan , bring Uriah home so the child can be said to be his…Certain Schools of thought say he was trying to avoid a situation where his Army will develop factions caused by the incidence. Somehow, i find that rather difficult to accept . This guy was king , THE KING of Israel …he could have taken Uriah’s wife and nothing will happen …BUT ..He was a lover of God…What will people think? he wanted to hide it … keep the “honour ” of his name .he was WILLING TO SACRIFICE HIS SEED FOR HIS “HONOUR”…so it was better this way… when that didnt work he decided to kill Uriah but with no traces to him..SECRET SIN IS LIKE SILENT FART THAT STINKS TO THE HIGH HEAVENS …YOU CANT HIDE IT ONCE IT LEAKS…..IN HIS BID TO COVER HIS SIN WITH ANOTHER SIN ..HE FORGOT ABOUT “THE LIGHT”..IN WHOSE PRESENCE EVERY HIDDEN WORK OF DARKNESS IS EXPOSED ….so he takes Bathsheba in as wife … she gives birth, the son is ill, David prayed and fasted but the child died …Bathsheba was in great sorrow….wagging spiky tongues of village gossips….now that the child died sef …the SELF-RIGHTEOUS BIGOTS WILL BEGIN TO QUOTE SCRIPTURE…its interesting to note that despite the fact that she gave birth to solomon the great king of Israel , whenever she was referred to in the Bible she was called the “Wife of Uriah “…

You might be like Bathsheba today, your past is still used to define you , but God aint thru with you yet , he can and will still produce greatness from you,if u will allow Him. You need to forgive yourself and keep walking … people will talk , and let them, always remember WE ALL HAVE SOMEFIN WE DONT WANT ANYBODY ELSE TO KNOW…So,yess…her name is Bathsheba , Uriah’s wife , the mother of Solomon , from the Lineage of Jesus the Christ …. like her , hate her , she will always be remembered for her link to GREATNESS !