Eyes on the House-help

The video has basically gone viral, lots of people have viewed it , been enraged by it , expressed unprintable opinions of it …. you cant help but wonder if this is human or demon?? I shudder to think of incidences not captured by the cameras…poor child. which brings up the question ” who is a house-help?”, what age is required for this “profession”, what is the difference between a house-help and nanny?

A house-help , at least as the name implies is someone who ASSISTS in the household chores in a house. This I believe is a common occurrence when both parents have “9-5” jobs and therefore , it becomes difficult to do the daily chores as required at home . here in Nigeria work does not start at 9 …its 7-8 in most places and depending on the area of residence there are people who leave the house at 4:00a.m. in other to get to work on time and dont get back home till 10:00p.m. due to traffic . Cleaning up, laundry etc will be an impossible task for women who find themselves in this situation . so people are employed to assist in doing these things .

I am personally appalled though, that any literate will employ a person of school age to do this without an access to Education.  This happens everywhere in Nigeria….while their own children go to school…hmmm… I do not think a child is psychologically mature enough to ASSIST in a duty meant for the home maker … i therefore suggest that a house help should be at least an adult (an adult being as described in the Constitution )

A Nanny is someone whose job requirements involves taking care of children . A minor should not be a Nanny …(for obvious reasons ).

I think life is about making choices …every moment ..and the choices we make also has responsibilities strung alongside …we become responsible for the choices made. economics teaches us about opportunity cost . that’s the life we live o.

there is no law that says you must have kids once you marry …DON’T LET SOCIETY RUIN YOUR LIFE ….if you are not ready to have kids …then DONT… you need to count the cost …the “family members” harassing you now will not be there for you when you need someone to “fill up the space” .

You might have to live life for a while on a lower social status while raising your kids , this is where opportunity cost comes to play ..IF YOU HAVE TO PAY SOMEONE TO HELP YOU RAISE YOUR CHILDREN , YOU PROBABLY CAN’T AFFORD TO HAVE KIDS YET AND SHOULDN’T . The opportunity cost of staying at home with your children and selling provision outside your home might be the position of bank manager …..you need to make your choice and carry the tagged responsibility…when we started having children,I bought chairs, tables and canopies and started a rental outfit  and i had family living with us, some in school some working …but i had promised myself that except i am out of town, my face must be the first my children see when they come back from school…by the way, i have a Bachelors in Pharmacy . i did that until my sons were 5 …at that age i can hear EVERYTHING…and believe me,they tell …LOL!!!

Please take time to  discuss with your spouse before you start a family . and if you already have a family and some teenage “village boy or girl” as your “househelp/nanny” do the needful ooooo…obedience is better than sacrifice!


  1. I agree with you 100% aunty B, i for one have vowed never EVER to have a house-help or Nanny live in the same house as myself and my spouse. If house chores need doing that cant be done by ourselves, they can come early in the morning, in the evening, or weekends and leave, but to live in the same house? absolutely not.
    I suffered different kinds of abuses under so called house-helps growing up (especially the adult ones) and i will not let my kids be exposed to the same. Even when parents are around a lot of funny things go on with house-helps and nannies. Especially with kids, the whole using kids as house helps is child trafficking whether we like it or not. I find it very disgusting when women discuss getting a child from the “village” to take care of house chores. Children not yet mature for that kind of responsibility are ripped apart from their families and thrust into such a position of discrimination and subservience that is totally appalling to behold and damaging to their psyche for most all in the name of making some money for the supposedly poverty stricken family.
    I’d recommend to any parent who has a nanny or house-help do what the viral video exposed – get hidden cameras around your house and keep a techno eye on them if you cant be around to do so yourself. Better still as aunty B advises make the necessary sacrifice and keep an eye on your home yourselves