Still on top that pishure matter … staring at this 5 year old girl’s face , it is clear that you are looking at “naughty” .. ah my imagination was something else !
🙋🏾‍♀️ I will be doing some “me-blogs” , AuntyB has not spoken for a looooong time 😅
You see , we didn’t have the privilege of 24 hour TV programs , (even if our parents were super rich , on our black and white TV 📺, program starts at 4:00pm and shuts down at 11:00pm ., 7:00pm for us so that we can prepare for bed time ! Na so ! Mama ran the house like a boarding school .. we had menu table , and time table for everything ; meal times, siesta time ( when we must lie down on our beds in the afternoon whether we sleep or not 🤨) , play time … ah .. so when I had to go to boarding house at 7 years , I was on with the program 😀.
She had this store — the sweet store we called it , where there were cartons of biscuits , lollipops , drinks .sweets .. mum bought in bulk from chellarams, Bhojsons,Kingsway and UTC .. hmmm sweet memories ! Only the aunties who packed our lunch boxes for school knew where the key was kept 🙄 you can beg them from now till kingdom come , they will not give you “contraband”.
Anyways , a family came to visit , that faithful evening . Hmmmm.. aunty served the kids , cups of “tree top “ squash drinks and “cow biscuits “ .. I was watching at a distant at first , then my eyes 👀 zoomed in .. at the biscuits .. and all of a sudden I wanted it bad.. all my cells were yearning .. so I walked up to mama and whispered in her ears that I wanted biscuits as well … MISTAKE !!! I went to my YORUBA mama to ask for chop chop in the presence of visitors??? 😱!! “NO!!!! Get away from here now ! Onijekuje “ mama thundered ! 😩 .. I walked away quietly and shamefully towards the area where I first sighted the boy chomping away on his biscuits … then I cud swear I heard a whisper … and I remembered the movie that was shown on TV 📺 a while back .. SUPERMAN.. he was human they said but he had super powers .. so I said to masef “self , how about you run 🏃🏽‍♀️ 🏃🏽‍♀️ 🏃🏽‍♀️ so fast grab the biscuit from the boy and ⚡️ zap you are in your room before they know what happened …😕 AND SOMEBORTHI WEE TELL ME THAT DEFU IS JUST A MYTH??? Haba ! So I got myself ready and I took off .. I ran as fast as I cud… I thot I was flying … I really felt I was … I grabbed the biscuits .. then my mama’s chubby hands grabbed my neck ….. 45 years later I still can’t complete this story 😕😅
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” our Nations have gone mad again “

Hmmm… Ijoba Orun ku dede. Even the “World News” concur that unseen forces are calling the shots . Man is not in control🙄… principalities have “put on “ man , like one wears clothes ..Esu bi Eniyan, Eniyan bi esu .. I have read the script and we win .. the individual processes,tho , the script is not specific about .. nonetheless,my life is in his hands , I am the lord’s , no matter the state . ( I have chosen to live and I am willing to die exuding his praise ) .. but the light will pierce this present darkness 🙏. “ and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness can not decipher it “ John 1:5 . #Endtimeslawayi


It’s been quite a while now that I have been thinking about David the king of Israel, as written in the good book . Here was a young ruddy shepherd boy , minding his business , not knowing that his life was about to take a turn , from the grazing fields, to the battle ground , to the kings Courts and then to the wilderness . Saul had been rejected king by the Lord ( that implies that he was accepted at a time) 🙂. He instructed Samuel the prophet to go and anoint the next king of Israel from the house of Jesse .1 Sam 16. It was the same God who instructed him on how to do this so that Saul is unaware🙄 🙋🏽don’t just open ya mouth gba , except u r following instructions . SENTIMENTAL ain’t SPIRITUAL ( ko jo rara ) .sam called them to the sacrifice (v5) . And as soon as he saw the first , he was every inch a potential king but not before God .THE LORD LOOKS ON THE HEART.
After 7 sons and no approval from above , sam asked if there was no other son ? Jesse didn’t even bring Dave to the sacrifice . He wasn’t qualified as far as he was concerned, Dave probably felt the same way .when he appeared v 13, the lord said to sam ” arise , anoint him for this is he ”
As soon as David was anointed , situations and circumstances began to announce his presence.
V18 David was not just anointed , he was at first skilled . I do not know which devil sold us the principle of scripture twisting ,money doubling . A number of us are so laid back waiting for a miracle, MW, those that God called were always at work , Gideon, David , even Saul , Deborah , Simon Peter , I could go on .
David confronted the giant philistine Goliath, and defeated him . He became famous , and the king became jealous . He tried to kill him . Threw a javelin at him twice , tricked him to fight against the philistines with the hope of getting him killed 🙄, 1 sam18. He even commanded his servants to kill him , twice , commanding his son Jonathan , to kill him . David fled , had to fake madness at a time . It was an arduous journey to the throne . From the anointed SKILLED ruddy boy to the King . If u browse thru the book of Psalms , u will have to conclude that all he had with him were the words “anointed to be king of Israel ” , so why did he have to go thru the wilderness ? Wasn’t it God that said it ? Abi was prophet Sam faking it ? 🙋🏽There was a time he took solace among the philistines , fleeing from Saul , 1 sam 27 ! Is that logical ? How was he able to sleep well at night in the camp of the enemy ? ( remember it wasn’t only Goliath he killed , there were 200 philistines at king Saul’s command as well , so he was quite famous as their enemy ) yet he stayed with them , David had no choice but to stay with the enemy cause Saul wouldn’t get him! indeed he prepared a table before him in the presence of his enemies . What I am saying is that we don’t have the blueprint, we have little directions , yes the road may be rough , things may be tough , all you may have in this journey called life is what the lord said , he told David I anoint u king and that’s all Dave had . In 2 sam 2 , he was anointed king of the house of Judah ( 1 sam 16 , Samuel anointed him king over Israel O not Judah ) then in 2 sam 5 , David was anointed king over Israel and guess what ? Samuel was not there to see the Fulfilment of this word !
What witness do you have within you about what the lord has said concerning you ? Is it that you will be the mother of many and you are yet to be the mother of one ? See the rigmarole from Jesse’s house to Israel’s throne 😱. Did he get to the throne tho ?
Numbers 23:19 God is not man that he should lie , he is not human , he won’t change his mind . Has he said it , and shall he not do it ? Has it spoken and shall he not bring it to pass?
No matter what u r going through in your journey hold on to the spoken word and trust him , ask him to strengthen you . His word will come to pass
Job 23:10 but he knows the way that I take ( he has concern for it , appreciates , pays attention to it ) when he has tried me , I shall come forth as refined gold ( pure and luminous)
The God of peace will soon put Satan underneath our feet .
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sunday morning musing

why can’t we jes appreciate and respect our differences , trust me ur views ain’t perfect 😏 Haba ! okay me na ManU , bobo na Mancity 🙄. Bet many waters can’t quench the lofin.. 🤔 bet if to say na Arsenal sha o 😠..😂 just kidding !
But honestly if u understand the science of academic writing , you will realize that there are other views than yours and philosophies, ideologies are always debatable .
I remember how my supervisor will insist that I rewrite my conclusions , because my mindset is as it was in the debating days ” I am here to prove to you that rice is better than beans : with this few words of mine I hope I have been able to convince you ….😂 she taught me to make statements like “based on this study”… because some other person might use the same parameters and get a different result ! “Be careful how you make your conclusions , Mobolaji” , she will say !
2 Tim 2:23-24 tells us to avoid arguments that will lead to quarrels , “for the servant of the Lord must not be quarrelsome, not RESENTFUL but kind and able to teach ” hmmmm .. (but if we judge ourselves we won’t be judged 😅). You cannot CHANGE anyone ! In fact you are not QUALIFIED to change anyone , u urself u need change , abeg , let’s not lie to ourselves, we ALL do ! So if u know u can’t , why do we stir up arguments and quarrels ? Some people believe one day is more important than others , you , senior deputy of the Holy Spirit , think it’s ur duty to pull them down 🙄
Titus 3:9 encourages us to AVOID these arguments , because they are “useless and a waste of time (NLT) . Okay which of us by arguing have won anyone over ?
Proverbs 20:3 it is in one’s honor to avoid strife but every MUMU is quick to quarrel . Sometimes you should read some FB comments.. foolishness is global , it appears 😅. People are angry , and Facebook enables them reveal their foolishness
James 1:20 but human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires .
🙋🏽I am not ashamed to say that My nature is very familiar with human anger , and it always ends up in foolishness . I also testify that the more I submit myself to the lord’s authority the more I see a better me , I am convinced that it’s because I do not have what it takes to change myself , but the lord , he changes all , didn’t he say ” look I make all things new “? If I cannot change myself , why then do I think that via arguments and quarrels about ideologies and philosophies, I can change another ?
2 cor 10:5 for the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world . On the contrary they have DIVINE power to demolish strongholds . We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God … and take captive evey THOUGHT ( Beni ur own 😜 if u want to demolish arguments start with YOU 😅) to make it obedient to Christ . May the Spirit of the Lord give us understanding 🙏❤️



Yesterday, the 9th of April, an audio conversation between a professor of Management and Accounting, at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Richard Akindele and a female student, where he demanded sex for grades, was released. It has been trending since then.

There has been no response from the accused and it will be wrong to pass judgement based on the testimony of one person. Okay, I am no Judge but we know that where there is a Plaintiff there must be a Defendant.

However, I can state here, that Sexual Assault in Nigerian Universities is as old as my great grandmother’s cooking pot ! it is not a new thing and yours truly was a victim in many instances. I will tell the story of one incident.

I was a final year student of pharmacy, and as expected, found out that I needed more than 24 hours in a day! Studying at this stage also involved finding the right place at a particular time. I mean, if I could climb trees, I probably would have tried climbing on one of the tall trees around the faculty.

It was a Saturday morning, the Sun had not yet brought out its fangs, so I decided to read under the trees, in a somewhat quiet faculty, the Faculty of Education. I mean, it’s no News that except the students there had lectures they were not going to be hanging around the classes on a Saturday morning!

I got a desk and chair and sat under a very large tree. The breeze encouraged the branches to sway and i could have been in a fully air-conditioned office.

As i commenced studying, I noticed this man walking up and down the hallway and then kinda chuckling when he passed.  he must have done this waltz  10 times .  I took time off my acada to survey the dude. I could see tribal marks on his face ( similar to my Grand dad’s). Okay nah, my peepu -my peepu !LOL!

My people are very superstitious and fearful of stuff that has ‘spirishua” connotations. So I knew this man was going to come to me eventually (girls know these things !), so I prepared my self, picked my words and put on my “acting being “..(please don’t even ask me what that is, LOL).

True to my assumptions, the dude came down the hallway, walked towards me, pulled a chair and sat facing my table. As he sat, baba, (obviously a lecturer), shut my book, just so that he could open the first page for my name ( imagine that ! what if I had borrowed the book??). He said” ah, Yoruba ni e, mo fe fe e you know?” ( ah, you are Yoruba, I want to befriend you, you know?) .. I didn’t look up as he spoke. I felt some degree of rage, how can he shut my book with a hand that shows his wedding band and be telling me about befriending me? person wey no sabi me?

I looked up slowly ( azin ayamatanga style) and said: ” Excuse me sah, Ebo ni mi o” ( excuse me, sir, I am a sacrifice o).

The Baba pushed back his chair and said: “ah, deacon ni mi, ni Baptist” ( i am a deacon in the Baptist Church). For the life of me, I don’t know why he felt he had to make that confession to me ..hehe.. he opened back my book, got up and walked away. It was difficult, I wanted to laugh and even roll on the floor sef, but I couldn’t, I had to keep my “acting being ” on so that I could study, even if for an hour.

when I got back to the hostel, I described him to some girls in that Faculty. They told me Prof was their Dean, well…. I never saw Prof again.

5 secrets you didn’t know about a successful student

The concept of testing in schools has generated arguments similar to the famous Nature/Nurture debate. Some Schools of thought are quite critical of this concept based on the inability to prove that examinations are true tests of knowledge.

Capitalism only helps to fan this flame. The students are likened to products, where the examinations imply that they have reached the finishing lines and should be “sorted” according to grades. They are then moved up the “knowledge economy” ladder, according to their “quality” or “Grade”, from Ivy League Colleges to least sorted after ones

There is no doubt that Human Capitalism is the reason for this somewhat harsh method of “sorting out ‘ the students. I do know some students that have read very hard but have been unable to gain admission to their schools of choice due to their performance in one examination; this is one of the reasons that  I am an advocate of grades consistency.

But harsh as it may sound, how else will the system know those who have “retained knowledge” and should be promoted?  Should promotion be based on one examination? This is where the problem lies.

The main aim of Education is the acquisition of knowledge, and the role of examinations is to determine if this event actually took place. The consequence of the human capital theory has encouraged various vices all in the bid to achieve excellent grades, but to what end? if a student scores 8 distinctions and gets admitted into the university, will he be able to defend his grades? An A1 in the English Language, for example, will mean excellence in the acquisition and delivery of the English language skills.  So when a student with such a grade cannot write a simple essay in the university ….hmm..yawa go dey!

A successful student is not one that just scores high grades in one examination. He is a student who is able to apply the acquired knowledge and “make his world a better place”. He is able to achieve good grades and defend them at any point in time.

here are five secrets that a successful student does not want you to know.

  1.  A successful student has one goal, to achieve an understanding of the topics taught. A successful student does not see an ” A1″ as an end but rather as a means to an end. If all you desire is “A1” then you may not be a successful student.
  2.  A successful student studies every day, and twice on Sunday. Trust me, they do this! think about your classmates, the ones with consistently excellent grades, they study after school.
  3. A successful student does not skip classes. I remember our days in secondary school, there were certain subjects that we considered irrelevant and therefore will not attend lessons. As expected, achieving average grades in them was a struggle.
  4. A successful student is not passive in class. He asks questions. If you don’t understand ask, if you need more clarification, ask. If you are not clear with the explanation ask your classmates that understand.
  5. The last secret of a successful student is that they have a “study group”; a group of like-minded students, that they can study with.Do not study alone all the time, if possible have a group or at least another student that you can discuss topics from various subjects with.

If you appropriate these secrets you will gradually become a successful student.


When I am filling a personal data form and I get to “age “, I have no qualms , I quickly write 21 ( u know how e be na ) then they ask for sex : forget this new age craze . I know who I am .. and if I doubt , a quick check between my legs reminds me sharply ?. Then I get to religion : ?that word makes me cringe ! Religion ? Shiorrr ! The degree of hypocrisy that religion carries borders on the ridiculous a perfect example of the no no of religiousness , is when Jesus was looking to select his disciples , one wud have thot that he will go to the synagogue… ??he actually did , but just to read them the “riot act ” .. check out his followers Mathew the tax collector , riddled with bribery and corruption , Judas the betrayer ( it had been all about the money for him from the get go , and he was still made treasurer, ah ? ) , he “called ” Peter and his brethren while fishing ( not fresh from bible school ?) , zachheus the “none entity ” hosted him . Even the so called religious people of the day complained that he ate with “sinners” .
What of the adulterous Samaritan woman by the well ? 4 husbands and one “camper ” , yet the master saw the worshipper in her ! The Ho with the alabaster box nko ? The master cud relate with them because ” he doesn’t judge by outward appearances, but the heart ❤️ ” , this is what the Pharisees and sadducees didn’t have , he didn’t even pick one , one fa ! ?. MW these crooked peepu that he picked all changed and impacted their world ? ! Beeni ! And in the end na diz religious peepu hand him over to the roman government , to be killed based on ” the tenets of our religion ” , they argued !
Nigeria is one of the most religious nations on earth … need I say more ?? ?mhennnnn I just hate religious spirits , they must be Satan’s first cousins ? ! religion must be man’ s idea , man’s way of putting God in a box , obviously the brewing world war will be underpinned by this element called “religion” .. one can’t doubt the existence of God , the very essence of life is evident ! I believe however that a relationship will bring out values that will exude the characteristics of the “God kingdom “; righteousness, peace and joy .. now imagine a society filled with these forces .. heaven can begin on earth ❤️my 2 cents ..?my one ? , achshually ?



Eid Mubarak , people ! We celebrate the resilience of the father of Faith , willing to give his priceless possession to the one who gave it to him in the first place .??. As you prepare ur palates to blend sumptuous pieces of roasted ?… or better still , when u begin digging ur dentures for shreds hidden therein with ” imported ” toothpicks ?.. take time to think ? What are YOU willing to give to the Almighty , who BTW , gave you everything you have ? One correct way to give to him is to give to those in need .. peep ? outta ya window …?.. thank YOU .. for giving .. blessings always

WATER- e no get enemy .

Photo on 14-05-2016 at 10.10 #3I am so close to being half a century old that I am no longer ashamed to say what I am … yep ayam “coming out of the closet” . I am not ashamed to say that AYAM OLDSKOOL ?? beeni ! When it comes to music ?.. I am old school ! When it comes to discipline , I am overwhelmingly old skool ..( there is no child of mine that doesn’t know kasali my three piece koboko .. faithful friend ) . I love science , I love adventure , I love the creating of new things .. I remember visiting the Bhurj Khalifa at dubai .. what levels ? Man mi my heart leaped in bounds sha in the lift … I respect gravity o .. we have had our issues when I was a small girl and I still have the scars to show … I don’t like to defy gravity .. what for ? To each his own na .. gravity is there , me I am here … issokay … beeni , ayam old skool like that ?..?..so I have been thinking of lagos rains and floods … no be only naija claim land from sea abeg ! Nations have been doing it for tey tey … and it’s all gud .. until you see what the island of lagos looks like in the past few days … my mind goes back to genesis 1 .. God commanded the oceans to move back and make room for land … I remember a song by Nicole ” who told the oceans , ” you can only come this far “.. water my people say will always find it’s Levu… so there appears to be boundaries that we do not see … tor if the land cross the boundary nko ? What appun ? Abi before you buy house at lekki and its environs you have to learn to be a professional diver ni .. me ayam old skool for this matter o .. fela say “water no get enemy ”  pls that does not mean that ” hin get friend ” .. echiche kacha mma o .


I just remembered an incidence that happened at home in my teen years . My mum who was a wholesaler of Coca-Cola drinks , gave an ” uncle ” who was also her driver instructions ” take 20 crates of coca-cola to mama ” lagbaja’s house ” and bring 20 empty crates back O ” so uncle went to Iya lagbaja’s house to pack the empty crates . He came back and off loaded them then began to load 20 crates of filled Coca Cola bottles . My mum slowly and unbelievably asked ” what are you doing ?” His reply ” I went to Iya lagbaja’s house to get empty crates and now I want to take full crates back to her ” ? my mum began to vibrate … She was obviously going to have a fit ?. ” ode ! She screamed !Why didn’t you just carry the crates with you and then bring back the empty ?” The man’s response was epic ?? and till date we refer to him with this phrase ” he said to my mum with his thick yoruba accent ” the shame tin noni ” ( meaning ,taking drinks from my mum’s store first or after didn’t make any difference ) ?? I Tim 5:24 remember the sins of some people are obvious , leading them to certain judgement . But there are others whose sins are not revealed until later . In the same way the good deeds of some are obvious . And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light .. My Peepu in my thick yoruba accent ” the shame tin noni “??gnite world .. May we rise with the dawn ?